My Daughter Helps Me More Than She Understands Right Now

My daughter loves talking to be about what we’re going to do tomorrow before bed since quarantine started.

So last night, I told her what her teacher had planned and asked her what’s words she wanted to learn to write. She told me.

I mentioned, “Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday.”

She asked, “How do you want to celebrate?”

I told her, “I’m not sure because the graveyard is going to be weird. I’m not sure if I want to go.”

She asked me, “How is the graveyard going to be different?”

I told her, “I heard you can only do a drive-by and not stop at tombstone to visit.”

She said, “Oh we can just wave to him.”

I said, “No baby girl, I don’t think I can handle that because I’m used to walking up to his tombstone.”

She then had an idea and said, “I know, Mommy, we can make him a cake, sing happy birthday then you can blow the cakes out for him.”

I said, “That’s a wonderful idea. The only problem is we don’t have cake mix. We have muffin mix.”

She said, “Let’s make muffins then, and put candles on them.”

I agreed.

So here I am celebrating my Father’s birthday with muffins. I never thought I would have muffins in his birthday or even celebrate with candles on his birthday again. My daughter’s idea made me feel better.

I’m so grateful for her on these rough days for me. She’s always thinking of the best ways to make me smile and feel better. My friend told me that she’s my little angel in disguise. I couldn’t agree with her more because it’s so true. She may be only 5 but she’s so incredibly sweet and thoughtful. I don’t even say her for help. She just does it without thinking. I hope she says this way forever.

Happy birthday, Dad, again. 💜

2 thoughts on “My Daughter Helps Me More Than She Understands Right Now

  1. I think some of the biggest heroes during the pandemic, especially to us parents, are our kids. They’re showing us how to be inventive and creative, to have hope and always see the good. I know my kids are really keeping me grounded and focused, and, honestly, I think they have a better attitude about this staying at home thing than I do. You’re daughter is so incredible and you’re so very lucky to have her! Also, happy birthday to your dad!

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