5 Positive Things About Quarantine

I know what you’re thinking. Is she crazy? Quarantine sucks! I don’t see anything positive about this time.

Okay, YEAH IT SUCKS! I hate being stuck in the house with the fear of going food shopping for my family. I hate wearing a mask. I could go on and on, but that’s for another post.

Lately, I have started looking for the light in all of this because I’m fading into the darkness. My depression is off the wall. Anxiety is here and not leaving even when I’m calm down.

Oh well, let’s go! What’s positive in my life right now?

1. Relaxing with my daughter and hubby.

Before the Pandemic, I started working in a clothing store. I felt as if I couldn’t relax even on my days off. I was always on the run and busy. My day started off with getting my daughter ready for school then putting her on the bus. Then, I drove to my job and worked for 5 hours. I drove home to meet my daughter’s bus. She would come home early so I would either give her a snack or making dinner. Before I knew it was bedtime, so I had to get her in the shower or bath and put her to bed. After bedtime, I would do dishes and laundry. When I had off from work, I would run around and get as much as I could down before my daughter got home from school. See how busy I was before all of this.

Now, I can relax and get things done without feeling stressed. Well, for the most part. I can play with my daughter and not care for a bit. The two of us can always watch a tv together without me having to do something. We can read books together. It’s so much more relaxed. I can also spend time with my hubby without having work or just feeling tired. My hubby and I still do separate things after bedtime but we need our space too. We can also have family time with our daughter when she’s up too.

2. Watching my daughter’s face glow up when she gets something from school.

My daughter has a digital school now. Just like everyone else. She’s only in Preschool, so it’s not a lot of work. Her teacher gives us a few things to do for school. I have also added some other crafts and worksheets for her to learn from in her time at home. The goal is to get her ready for kindergarten. That’s what I want to overcome at this time.

Her teacher is so wonderful. I’m so glad my daughter experienced her first time in school with her, even if it wasn’t for a long time. She told me how my daughter gets a certain look when she understands something. I didn’t what she meant until now. My daughter’s face has a glowing smiling when she understands a lesson, notices something, or gets the right answer. It’s so cute. I’m so glad I get to see her “I got it” face. I have taught my daughter a few things before going to school but I never noticed this face. I guess because I was always with her and thought nothing of it.

3. Seeing my daughter light up when she sees her teachers, teacher aid, and classmates.

The sadness but yet happiest moments during quarantine is seeing my daughter’s face when she sees her teacher and teacher aid. Her teacher made videos for the class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She either just talks to the class or does a singing activity with them. Before Spring break, she introduced a new platform for the class. It’s a nice way to share activity videos and see the class.

My daughter lights up when she sees her teacher’s videos. It’s so magical and special. I obviously never saw her when she was at school and couldn’t experience her feelings towards her teacher. I knew she loved her teacher but seeing her face as she watches her teacher warms my heart. She also does the same thing when her teacher aid sends videos too. It’s not as often as her teacher, but it still counts. My daughter loves the new platform for school and seeing her friends. She told me who everyone is and something silly about them. She’s really missing her friends and having a hard time with it, so the platform is helping.

4. Gas prices are lower than it has been in years.

I have an SUV. It’s normal about $50 or more to fill up my tank when it’s close to E. My hubby and I usually only put $10 – $20 in my tank.

The gas prices recently took in decrease during this time. I don’t really have any where to go since my job isn’t considered an essential business. My tank only took $34! I was so happy. I wish I had somewhere to go now. Oh well, at least my tank is full for once. Haha!

5. Time to write.

I haven’t written many blog posts since I started working. I was just too tired and never liked anything I did write if I actually did. My writer’s block was strong. Writing just didn’t seem to fit in my schedule. I hated how I thought that because I totally could’ve written more but I just didn’t.

I’m writing just about every day during the quarantine. I missed writing so much. I’m really going to try to keep writing when everything goes back to normal. Writing is the way I get my feelings out. I rediscovered this during the quarantine. I guess quarantine made me see this again.

As you can see, I thought about some positive things about this time. I hope you can too. It’s so important to see the positive in the negative. If you don’t, depression will drag you down along with anxiety.

Take the time to think about your own positive things in your life. I bet you can come up with at least five yourself.

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6 thoughts on “5 Positive Things About Quarantine

  1. It’s so sweet that you’re able to be so involved with your daughter’s life now! Honestly, it’s probably my favorite part as well. I love getting to watch my son learn. And, yes, those gas prices! My husband still has to work and loves that it now costs more than $10 less to fill up! I guess there always have to be bright spots when everything seems to be falling apart. That family time, though, is just so priceless. I kind of almost don’t want it to end, but I’m also looking forward to being able to just go to the park.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It will be okay! Everything will be okay. We’ll all be okay. The world is getting a break from all the poison humans leave in their wake so the parks will be even more lovely and so ready for little children to run and laugh. Our park is so close, yet so far away and the weather is turning absolutely beautiful. I feel your pain, but it will be okay. It’ll all be okay. If I could, I would reach out a hand, but, well, 6 feet apart. Instead, here’s a virtual hand. I think we all need it these days.

        Liked by 1 person

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