Quiet Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

My daughter and I took a walk around our neighborhood yesterday. Well, she drove her scooter and I walked. She didn’t sleep well and extra moody, so I decided to take her out for some fresh air. She always needs fresh air on her grumpy days. She especially needs time outside even more during quarantine. It’s driving her crazy just like my hubby and me. During our walk, the two of us noticed who quiet the world around us is now.

My daughter ended up going to fast on her scooter in a puddle then fell down. She didn’t hurt herself but wanted mommy cuddles. I sat down on the blacktop and hugged her.

She then said, “Mommy, it’s so quiet outside now.”

I said, “I know it is.”

She said, “I can hear the birds and breeze now.”

I said, “Yeah it’s kinda peaceful but scary.”

She said, “Mommy!”

I said, “Yes, Sweetie.”

She said, “I miss my family. I’m so worried about them. I’m tired of FaceTime calls. I want Poppop, Mommom, and Oma hugs.”

I felt a tear came down my face then sighed and said, “I know you do.”

She started to cry, “Mommy, when is this going to be over?”

I said, “I wish I could answer that, but Mommy doesn’t know.”

She said, “But Mommy you always have the answer.”

I said, “I’m sorry but this time I don’t.”

She said, “I hope everything is normal soon, but for now let’s enjoy nature.”

My daughter and I just sat there in silent before we made our way home.

I felt my heart legitimately break in half during this conversation. My daughter shouldn’t be feeling this pain. She should be seeing her grandparents and family. Missing someone is a pain I would never wish on anyone especially not on a child. I felt so bad for her. I still do. She loves spending time with her grandparents. I love seeing her face glow when she sees them.

For now, I just have to do be there for her more than anything. She needs me. I need to stay strong for her. She deserves the best and a shoulder to cry on when the world is falling apart. I will always here for her. No matter what because she’s my daughter.

If I really think about what my daughter said, she has a point about enjoying the quiet. Our daily lives may have changed, but nature is still going on. Life keeps us busy with all these distractions and noises that we forget to stop and listen to nature. Times may be rough and different but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the simple things like the birds chirping.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone

Oh and one last thing I wanted to share with you. A dear friend of mine started a blog yesterday during quarantine. Please send her some love and follow her. He blog is called … Teaching With Kids.

4 thoughts on “Quiet Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

  1. Your daughter is right let us just enjoy the quiet and the nature. As I see it the world is healing and all this has forced us to slow down and apreciate the simple things in life.

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  2. I live in the city, so getting to actually hear the birds chirping around here is a real treat right now. Usually it’s sirens, car horns, loud cars, and way too much traffic. So I’m really enjoying the quiet, but it breaks my heart to know how tough this is on kids. They can understand so much, so much more than us adults, but their little hearts will always miss what they had. Reopening one day must feel like ages in the future to them. You’re an amazing mom for always being there for her no matter how much you are hurting as well!

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    1. Oh that’s definitely a treat for you then! I live by a main interstate road so there’s always cars on it. Ugh I feel bad for them too. It really must feel like forever. Hopefully it’s all over soon. My daughter broke my heart when she cried and asked me why I didn’t have an answer. I feel like missing is a lot harder for their little hearts too. Aw thank you!

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