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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting My Daughter’s Life

Coronavirus took over New Jersey and hit us hard. Our lives have never been the same since then because so much has changed. I’m trying to explain to a five year old what’s going on when the truth is that I don’t even know. The Coronavirus is seriously so confusing to explain when so many abnormal things are happening all around us. My daughter is affected by the Coronavirus in so many ways.

Nothing feels the same. It’s like my little family and I are living in a horror movie. The only problem is you can’t turn off life. Life comes going on until it’s the end of your story. The story ends with you, while a movie ends when you either pause it or the story is over and you can replay it any time you want to see it again. Life isn’t like that.

My daughter is five. She has to live in this horror too. I can see how it’s affecting her so much. It hurts me to see her so confused with my answers to help her understand. The truth is I don’t even how to explain any of this craziness to her. She has watched YouTube videos, such as Dr. Panda Toto Time’s three videos called Coronavirus Outbreak | How did it start?, Coronavirus Outbreak | How to protect yourself, and Coronavirus Outbreak | What is a virus. I’m not really a fan of YouTube and huge on letting my daughter watch it a lot, but I just didn’t know where else to turn for answers. The Preschool program in my school district also made a book about the Coronavirus (I can’t share the book. It’s private.) too.

The school is closed. It has been over 2 weeks now. My daughter started digital/home school on Friday, March 13. She LOVED it the first week. She had a hard time understanding why she couldn’t just play since she’s home on the first day. I reminded her about the virus and how school is going to be different now. She just wanted to play. I then ask her to walk me through her day. She did then started to feel comfortable with school. She opened up to the idea. The first week wasn’t too bad after that. She just missed her friends and teacher. Anxiety did kick in a lot but I got her to calm down. My daughter reminds when I used to teach her the previous year, so it made the anxiety disappear easier. She admitted missed me teaching her.

Week 2 had a lot of downs. My daughter didn’t want to stop playing to eat lunch. She didn’t want to do school work. Her anxiety didn’t want to leave. She was melting down because I didn’t explain something right or refusing to do something. I told her that she NEEDS to ask me questions just like she does in school, so I can break it now. I also remaindered her this is new for me as well as her and how we BOTH need to figure this change together.

Her teacher has been wonderful through this whole progressed. I emailed her about having trouble with stopping playtime or moving into lunch or something else and wanting a similar schedule to her school one . She emailed back with the clean up song she uses in class and a time schedule. It helped so much. She started to get back into school mode. She also sends the class videos, which makes my daughter’s face light up. I love seeing her love a teacher so much. It warms my heart because I believe learning is so important.

The whole missing her friends thing is difficult. She made her dolls and stuff animals go to school with her. But I can tell it’s not the same because she has to make them talk back. I have played with her these last two weeks to comfort her. It’s not the same because I’m her mom and not like her friends. She misses them so much. I’m close to her school best friend’s mom. We talk every day. My daughter has even Facetimed her best friend. She kept mentioning how she misses her our friend in her group at school, so her best friend’s mom and I decided on making a video chat for the kids. The group is made up of 6 kid, 3 girls and 3 boys. Kids, life, and internet are unpredictable, so only 4 out of 6 kids made it. That’s okay though because it helped her getting through this hard time. I’m hoping for more video chats and maybe with other friends too. She keeps asking me when she’s going back to school. The truth is I don’t know if she is going back.

Another hard thing for my daughter not being about to go shopping with me. She used to be my shopping buddy and WENT EVERYWHERE with me. I even made sure I brought her places with me when school started, so we still had one on one time together. It’s always been our thing and very special to both of us.

The Coronavirus changed this because my boyfriend and I decided that we don’t want her going out food shopping or any store open right now. It’s hard leaving her. I hate it so much. I miss shopping with her. Her separation anxiety is mixed with confusion. She always asking me questions about what’s it like out there.

How do I ever explain what it’s like in the world right now? It’s confusing and weird. I felt uncomfortable even thinking about it. So, how can I break in down for her to understand? It’s hard and makes me cry because she wants to know. The only way I know how to explain to her is to be honest and tell her what’s the stores like. I don’t know if I should be honest with her though because it’s difficult for me to think about and experience.

I wish I could change this time for her as well as all the other kids in the world. It’s affecting the kids more than we may realize because we’re all caught up in the madness too.

Please stop and think about the little ones during this time. The next generation deserves to have the thing back to normal sooner rather than later.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

5 thoughts on “How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting My Daughter’s Life

  1. I feel for you. We’re in the same boat. My son has been doing school from home for the past 2 weeks. His teacher does virtual classes twice a week and it’s clear many of the kids miss being in school. My son asked me to send his teacher a message saying he missed school. I can’t imagine how tough this is on them since they’re so young and aren’t necessarily capable of understanding what’s going on. My husband is a news junkie so we always have something about the coronavirus on every afternoon or evening, so I think he kind of understands there’s something bad out there, but the change in routine has been tough. I’m so sad he’s not able to play with his classmates every day and see his teacher and just be able to get away from home for a little while, but, when he’s older, he’ll understand and so will your daughter. Right now is tough. They’re calling it a new normal, but I’m really hoping it’s just a temporary normal. Fortunately, young kids usually bounce back fairly quickly. Still, the whole truth is probably a little too much. The most my son knows is that people really, really like buying toilet paper. Good luck and stay healthy! We’ll all get through this soon enough and hopefully we will return to normal.

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    1. I really hope this isn’t the new normal new normal too because that would be awful. I have a feeling my daughter may be out until next year because it’s bad here. We’re ranked #2 with the most cases and deaths. It’s crazy. I hate it too because every time I cough I get anxiety and look up symptoms. It’s not a dry cough so I think I’m feel. Ugh I just want things to go back to normal sooner rather than later.

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