Wandering Thoughts of Grief

The thought of not having you

around breaks my heart

into a million puzzle pieces.

I’m trying to pick up the pieces,

but nothing works to ease the

pain. My heart longs to have you

back into my life. I feel as if I

lost a part of me when you

Died. Every day is a foggy and

it’s only getting worst as life

goes on. I wish I had more time

with you. My mind makes me

think I got robbed with

our life together. I look around

at the live I have without you

and I can’t help myself wonder

if my life would be the same with

you alive. Where would I be?

I can only imagine how

different my life would be.

I’m tired of dreaming for a

life without you. I wish

you could just experience

life with me because dreaming

is no painful. I miss you

every day. Time never changes

the pain of your absence. If only,

time had a power to ease pain.

I would feel better without you

Here. My heart feels heavy

all the time. I feel as if I lose

a piece of my heart when

you died. I don’t know if my

heart will ever heal but

I do know that I have to

live and cope with not having

you around anymore. You would

want me to be happy and

continuing living life. I promise I

will find happiness without you.

It’s not going to be easy but I

have to for my own good. I can’t

stay lost in my own wandering

thoughts anymore. I must find

happiness without you. I can

beat the overwhelming pain

I feel every day. I need to pull

away my negative thoughts.

It’s time to life my life without

you here on earth.

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