Why I Enjoy Having An Early Bedtime For My Daughter

Bedtime is one of these things parents always disagree on. Some parents believe bedtime isn’t a big deal. Other parents are strict on when their kids go to bed. Can you guess which parent I am? As my title states, my daughter has an early bedtime.

I believe it’s important for my daughter and me because she gets extra sleep and I get me time. Kids need more than us. As a mom, I need time to collect myself and time to do things on my own.

I started time to relax and do what I want after a day of filling everything else needs. It keeps my mind sane during motherhood.

My hubby and I started a bedtime routine when my daughter was 4 months old. She started to sleep through the night then. We agreed on having her go to bed early, so we could have time for ours. I thought this was extra important in the beginning because I was a stay at home mom. I wanted time for myself after a day with a baby. I’m not ashamed of wanting me time. The me-time helped me through motherhood.

My daughter’s bed time routine:

  • Bath time
  • PJ
  • Brush hair
  • Story
  • Lullaby

As she grew up the routine adjusted times since she wanted to play during bath time. I also added in clean up time before bath time around 3, so that’s one less thing I have to do. Plus, she learns how to clean up and everything has a place.

My daughter is 5 years old now. She’s in school, so dinner is later. I also usually play with her before bath time and after dinner time because she misses me. I miss her, obviously, too.

When I was astay at home mom, I really needed me time because some days being home with a toddler could be so exhausting. I would long for bedtime on days my daughter had tantrum after tantrum. Tantrums just drain the life out of me. I can’t understand why but the sound of whining mixed with screaming makes my energy level go down. Bedtime came around and would pour myself a glass of wine then headed straight to the bath with a book and wine. I needed an escape from motherhood. On days, my daughter didn’t have a tantrum after a tantrum. I would write, read a book, play a video game with my man, or watch a grown-up show with/without my man.

As a working mom, I still value me time because after a long day at work I just want to relax. I get home because my daughter gets home from school, so we have time to spend together before bedtime. I have switched bedtime a little so we have an extra 30 minutes together as well as she wanted a snack after school then starting to have a later dinner. I will never make bedtime later than 8 pm because I need me time and she needs a good night’s sleep before school. I still do the same thing I used to do during me-time as a stay at mom home because the things are either my hobbies or things I enjoy.

A lot of people asked me if I was going to change my strict bedtime rule when I went back to work and my daughter started school; I never hesitate with an answer because I still strongly believe an early bedtime is the best idea. Look, I understand if a set bed time doesn’t work for everyone. It works for my family, so I’m standing behind my two mom teams of early bed times and set bed time.

7 thoughts on “Why I Enjoy Having An Early Bedtime For My Daughter

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! I tried so hard to get both of my kids into bed and off to sleep by 8, but they disagreed and decided 9 was the perfect time to fall asleep. I used to worry about them not getting enough sleep, but they’ve always been very wakeful, so would wake up super early in the morning if they went to bed early. Still, I can dream about early bedtimes, though a later bedtime does mean they actually get time to play with their dad.

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    1. 9 is too late though because you still have some me time. I’m talking about kids who go to bed at like 10 or later. That’s what I don’t understand. 🙃. But not my kid or not rule. Also, it works for other parents then that’s them but I know I mentally wouldn’t be able to have bed time so late.

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      1. That’s true. 10pm bedtimes completely flummox me, especially since it sounds like a good bedtime for me, haha! But, yeah, I know it works for some families and I know I’ve read about kids who have later bedtimes sleep until late morning, so I suppose as long as it works and the hours of sleep add up to what they should be, then what works works.

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  2. I started my kiddo on a schedule when he was 9 months old. He is 2 now and like to be in bed around 8. I’m so glad I did get him on a schedule as it made my life easier. He also adjusts easily if something doesn’t happen at a certain time too. Ps scheduling things was never my strong suit but I’ve grown into it since being a mom.

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