11 Years of “Dear Dad” posts Or Post About My Dad’s Death.

Dear Dad,

Today marks 11 years since you left me. I can’t believe it. I still feel like yesterday I was waiting for the call from the hospital. My heart is heavy today. I miss you. Ugh. Anastasia is growing up so fast. I wish you could have met her and got to know her. You would have love her and say that she’s a lot like me. If only, you could have met her and not watch over her from heaven. Would my life be different if you were here on Earth? I’m not sure. I will never know I guess. I’m going to try to stay strong today but no promises. I’m going to be alone for the first time in 5 years since Anastasia will be at school and Jer will be at work. I’m going to keep myself busy and get myself out of the house so time flys by today. Please give me the strength to go on today. I miss and love you, daddy.

With love from Earth,
Your daughter

10 years

9 years

8 years

7 years

6 years

5 years

4 years

3 years

2 years

1 year

The day

As I look back, I see how much my pain hasn’t changed. It’s still there. The only changes are what’s happening in my life and how much I cry. I don’t cry as often as I used to because life with my dad is almost normal.

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