Working In Retail During The Holiday When You’re Parentless

Retail jobs are rough during the holiday season because everyone stresses about what to get others in their lives. The workers are often yelled out because of stores not having what people are looking for or the lines being too long. Stores are often trashed as well, so it’s hard for employees to keep up with the mess. Holidays are often known as the most stressful times in the retail world. As for the employees who are Parentless, holidays are extremely hard.

Someone who’s Parentless is continuously reminded how he or she has no parents to shop for Hanukkah or Christmas. A workday is related around helping others find gifts. The pain hits after hearing, “I’m shopping for my mom,” or “I’m shopping for my dad,” for a second but he or she needs to snap out of it because their job is to help out. Afterwards, the tears want to come but they can’t. Crying isn’t okay at work.

The employee is faking the Holiday joy most of the time. He or she is hoping no one catches on. It’s the only way he or she can cope with working in a place rotating around the holidays.

After work, the employee is either drained for trying to act happy or helping overload. Sometimes, the tears come down on the way home. It feels good to cry because that’s all he or she wanted to do at work.

So next time you’re rude to an employee at a store, take a deep breath because you never know how he or she feels about the holidays. The employee may be wishing he or she can shop for his or her parents too.

Happy Hanukkah! 🕎

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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