The Pain of Being Motherless When You’re 30 Or Younger

The loss of a mother is unbearable and sucks the life out of you. Yes, I do believe losing a mom is hard at any age, but it’s different when 30 or younger because you’re going through stages of your live which a mother is centered around, such as having a kid, getting married, graduation, getting your period for the first time, your driving test, and so much more. You have no support when you need it the most or when your mom is “supposed” to be for you. She’s not. The pain of being Motherless when you’re 30 or younger holds a different kind of grief than a woman who is older.

A woman who lost her mom in 30s or older will never understand what it’s like having her mom absent during 20s, teens, pre-teens, toddler, or infant stages of life. She had her mom presence for the stages of life that shapes a woman into who she is later on in her life. Her mom met her grandchildren and build memories with the kids. Her mom and her got to hate each other then love each other over and over again for years.

The grief and pain are different when you’re 30 and younger because your life has barely started and all you want is your mother’s guidance but you can’t have it. You don’t have your mom for the important milestones. She can’t help you get through the challenges you suffer through each day without her. She’s missing everything. You can’t seem to let yourself get over the fact that she’s missing yet another thing in your life.

Every day feels as if something important is missing in your life. Your grief always reminds you that she’s gone. You just can’t get away from it. The pain holds you down. You’re trying to keep your head up and learn who can fill in the gaps. But let’s be real, no one can ever replace her. You just want your mom’s advice or her presents.

Well, the reality is she’s dead. You can’t change your life without and it kills you inside. As time goes on and the years past, you can’t help but wonder why do you deserve a life without your mom? Or what could you have changed to have her still in your life? Or why you had to lose her so young?

Yes, your mind plays the blame game because it sucks not having her around when your life is continuing. You fall into a foggy place for some days and can’t get out. You can’t help yourself from asking questions like above because you’re so young and life is moving on without a care.

The best thing you can do is find your circle of friends to help you grow in a wonderful person. Also, join the Facebook called “Motherless Daughters When Young (0 – 30)” for more support and people who understand. Also, don’t forget to like my page called Positive Thinking About Parents Death to get even more support for motherless, fatherless, and Parentless.

Oh and remember … it’s okay to cry. No matter how long it’s been because losing your mom at a young age is truly heartbreaking!

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