Sorry For My Adsense

Life has just been crazy over here! I feel like I have no time for anything. Plus, so much has changed in the last two months since I’m a working mom now. It’s not easy, but I think finally getting the hang of the balance. Eh, maybe. I don’t think I’m even getting used to it because the balance between being a mom and having a job doesn’t exist in the United States.

I’m sorry to say it, but we all know it’s true and someone has to admit it. I’m going to admit. It fucking doesn’t exist. I wish things were differently here because it sucks so bad. I just feel like I never have time to get any housework done or have the energy to sit down and write. I promise I’ll push myself to get in the writing zone for now on because I miss writing.

On the bright side, my daughter loves school. She loves her teacher and teacher aid. She met some new friends. She’s actually little miss popular in school. I’m honestly not one bit surprised because she’s a people person and ALWAYS was from the start. My daughter reminds me of the Sour Patch Kid candy because she can be so sassy at time then out of no where be a sweetheart. She’s a good mixture of both though, so it’s not overpowering. She’s a good listener, so it’s easy to tell her if she’s being mean to someone. She will then correct it and apologize to him or her. Her listening skills are helping her in school too. She’s doing so well in school too.

My daughter just had her first school and some outside friends birthday party. I would say it was successful besides the fact that I didn’t have enough plates and my hubby had to get some. But overall, the kids and my daughter had fun. She also got tons of new books and toys. I like to do a book instead of a card because you can read books over and over again. A card gets put into recycling after the party. Plus, my daughter likes to see what books people pick out for her. It’s a special moment.

Anyways, life has been crazy! I’m going to push myself into writing more. I promise. Thanks for reading my blog!

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