School Is Filled With First

As you know from my last post, my daughter started school last week. She loves school and her teacher so much. She reminds everything she learned and/or happened in school and makes sure not to leave ANY DETAIL out. I’m hoping her memory continues as she gets older, so she does well in school. The best parts are hearing about her day and her friends at school as soon as she gets home. School is filled with first for my daughter.

My daughter got her first cut today at school. She fell off the see-saw today during recess. Her friend went too high and she lost her balance. She was also on the higher end of the see-saw. She apparently didn’t cry or whine about getting hurt. She stayed strong and was brave the whole time. The school nurse even cleaned her cut and she didn’t even cry. She got a sticker for being so brave too. Oh, and the nurse drew a heart in her band-aid after putting it on my daughter. She loved it and made sure I noticed. She said that she loved the nurse because she reminded her of me.

I hate how I couldn’t be there for her today. It really breaks my heart knowing I couldn’t hug her after the fall. I know, I have to let her go … blah blah blah, but I’m not ready. I guess. Time feels like it flew right out of my hands. My daughter is on her own for most of the day now. It’s just crazy. I can’t wrap my head around any of this. I have always been three for EVERY SINGLE fall and injury … but now I can’t because she’s in school.

I do have to say … I’m so glad my daughter felt so comfortable without me. It’s comforts me knowing she in good hands at school with loving and caring staff. I always had a fear about her going to school and not being in the best of hands. Thanks to the news and all the horror stories. But thankfully, my daughter’s school isn’t like the nightmares in the news. I can take a deep breath now. Seriously, you have NO IDEA how relieved I feel after my daughter getting hurt. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I think I’m finally ready to accept my daughter will be okay at school. I need to learn how to trust others taking care of my daughter. It’s just so hard because she used to be with me all the time. Now, she’s away for most of the day and ready to take on the world. Okay, maybe not world …. but at least school.

This Mama Bear needs to relax and let her Baby Cub grow up. She’s going to have TONS for first without me. I need to let her and realize she’s going to be okay without me. She has to learn how to be on her own and make her own choices. Of course, I’m going to ALWAYS be here for her and guide her in the right direction. She’s my baby girl. I love her more than anything. I have to support her with everything. I never want her to know I’m not here for her. Look. I know you’ll fight and not always agree on everything but I will always be here for her.

So here’s to more first and my baby growing up!

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