My Daughter’s First Day of School EVER

My daughter started school yesterday. She loved every moment of it. When she came home she couldn’t stop talking. She also loved taking the bus but she said that feeling all the bumps and holes was annoying. She also made some friends already. My daughter’s first day of school day EVER was a success.

My daughter never went to Preschool or daycare, as a matter of fact, since my hubby and I decided the cost of daycare/Preschool was outrageous. So, I stayed home these last four years to take care of her. I enjoyed my time with her. I’m also grateful for optional to stay home with her and my hubby for working so hard these last four years to provide for the three of us. 

I know it wasn’t easy for him but he did it. The years we were home, I taught her everything such as potty training, alphabet, numbers, all the words she knows how to take in complete sentences, and so much more. The two of us read a lot of books over the years as well. I also took her to the library every Tuesday and Wednesday to get out of the house, socialize, and the love of learning. The library helped both of us these last few years. I HIGHLY recommend finding your local library in your area and checking out the programs if you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom. My daughter is beyond for school this year because of the library and everything I taught her at home.  

I believe learning is so important. That’s why I made sure my daughter still learned at home so she didn’t miss out on what others get in daycares. If you encourage kids love learning at a young age, then he or she will be ready. I’m positive! I did this with my daughter. She loves school and learning new things.

I also read a lot of books to her. I’m a bookworm myself, so I made sure I had her one as well. Books are so necessary for kids. It opens up tons of opportunities for learning new things and escaping to a whole new world. Reading also helps kids in so many ways as well. 

Well, the staying at home days are done! My daughter is a school girl now! I can’t wait to see what this school year brings for my daughter. I’m curious to see what she’s going to learn and watch her grow up. Her teacher sent home a sheet asking what are my personal goals for this school year. I’m not going to lie … I did have a hard time filling in the blanks because I never actually thought about what I wanted for her this year. The goals I ended up coming with are:

  1. To become more independent
  2. To bring out her creativity
  3. To learn how to share
  4. To learn how to take turns
  5. To try new foods
  6. To be prepare for Kindergarten
  7. To learn basic writing/reading skills … (she knows how to write but I want her to know how to write something with my help)
  8. To learn numbers and counting … (she knows her counting and numbers but I want her to learn how to count higher, etc)

Here’s to a wonderful year of new adventures! I hope my daughter achieves all my goals and many more!

I want to make a shout out to The Lily Café inspiring this blog article! Check out her blog called, “What Kindergarten Means To Me.”

5 thoughts on “My Daughter’s First Day of School EVER

  1. Such a blessing you were able to stay home with your daughter during the first years of her life. I love that fact that you took her to the library every Tuesday and Wednesday. I love the library. I hope she enjoys her entire time at school ❤☀️🦋

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  2. It can be so hard for kids to transition into going to school. There are so many things parents can do to teach their kids, as you have done, but school also has so much to offer. Sounds like your daughter is adjusting really well! I hope she has a wonderful year!

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