Warning To All The Motherless, Grab A Tissue Box Before You Listen to Andy Grammer’s New Song

I don’t know if you hear Andy Grammer’s song about his message for a medium giving by his mom to write his new song called “She’d Say,” but you must!!! I’m crying so hard right now because it’s so touching.

It’s exactly what my relationship with my daughter feels like every day. I’m always telling her something my mom said without even realizing I do it. I do a lot especially now because she’s saying me more about what my mom was like or would have said. I’m not afraid to share this with her because I want her to know my parents especially my mom.

My mom was my rock and best friend. I want my daughter to know her from my memories of her. You know since … she lives inside of me now. Well, that’s what everyone keeps telling me.

But maybe, they’re right. Maybe my mom is living through me now to be the best mom I can be just like she was to me. I try to be the best mom I can be like her, but sometimes I have my moments where I say to me, “Did I really just do or say that?” I know. I know. Every mom says this to herself sometimes, but I beat myself up about it more than most. Why? Because I’m trying to live up to the best mom I know… my mom.

My mom was an incredible and inspirational woman. She helped EVERYONE even when her world was falling apart. She didn’t care. She lives for helping others. She always made sure my brother and I were happy and on top of what we love. She was just so amazing.

The part of Andy Grammer’s song that hit home for me was “You never got to meet your grandma did ya?

Every night, I got you kissing on her picture

Cuts me up that you will never listen

To the sweet, sweet sound of her voice

I could tell you she was quite the mixture

Of a mama and a shaman and a fiery pistol

Truth is, she’s right there in you

She’s a part of you, you don’t have a choice,” which is the first verse. It hit me so hard since that’s what I was saying at the beginning of my article. I tell my daughter how she never got to meet my mom, what she says like, what was like, and how she’s a part of her.

It’s the truth. She’s apart of my daughter and me. I hate thinking like that or say it, but it’s a true fact. I would rather have her physically here with us. But she not and I have to cope with reality. Sometimes, I believe my daughter is more of my mom than me. She has more qualities and favorites than me, such as her love for her flowers. I have never been a fan of flowers. She’s beyond caring when someone is hurt and down.

I love songs I can relate to like this. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Yes, I may cry when I listen to songs like this but that’s not the point. I actually need songs that make me feel and think about my reality. As a parent, I put my feelings on the back burner a lot so I need songs to force to get them locked away emotions out.

Click out the song for yourself here —-> She’d Say.

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