My Daughter Lost Her First Tooth

My daughter started teething at 4 months old. Her first officially tooth came in closer to 5 months. So, I’m not surprised she lost her first tooth earlier than most of her friends and other kids.

During teething, my daughter barley slept and really clingy. She always had something or fingers in her mouth. She was also super cranky. I don’t believe her because have your seen what a baby’s month looks you. If not, click this link and remind yourself how painful teething felt.

It didn’t hit me how soon she really would lost her teeth until Wednesday night when I noticed a wiggly tooth. Then, I was like oh my that’s exactly where she got her first tooth … on the bottom in the front. I then became worried that something was wrong. SO, I googled it. I know. I know. NEVER google your mom questions or symptoms! BUT … This time, I was happy with the answer I got. It’s possible for a 4 year old to lost his or her tooth IF teeth came in early.

Another thing I have noticed and starting to connect with her losing her first tooth, she started having mega tantrums again. At first, I thought it was just her having off day or not knowing how to say something correctly. But now that I think about it, maybe it has to do with her teeth. She hated teething. She was clingy and moody. Well, the pain of loosing tooth is the same for her. All I can do is comfort her and show what may be help the pain. So far, pops (New Jersey word for ice popsicles) are helping the pain for a little bit. I’m not sure if it’s pain or just a funny feeling for her but I’m just going with it. I don’t remember how loosing teeth really feels like. I’m assuming it’s really uncomfortable.

I do have to say … I LOVE being the tooth fairy. I love seeing her reaction with Santa and Easter Bunny, so I’m not surprised how much fun being a tooth fairy is for me. My daughter is just too cute when she gets excited. Okay, I guess you can say I enjoy her excited more than the fun helper names for made up characters.

Four is definitely an interesting ride for me. I love it for the most part because I know why my daughter is upset or how she’s feeling. Let’s rewind and look back on my favorite moments this year:

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  2. Dying Easter Egg With A Four Year
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Yup, four brought so many new and surprising moments. My daughter loosing her teeth is just another part of four I love for the most part. I can’t wait to see what else these last few months of four begins.

4 thoughts on “My Daughter Lost Her First Tooth

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that was possible. My son is 5 and his dentist was telling me when his teeth would be talking out. I freaked out a little because it just reminds me he’s growing up so fast. If he had started losing his teeth last year, I definitely would have been Googling, too! I hope your daughter’s mouth feels better soon!

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