Goodbye 20s, Hello my 30s

Well, that’s a wrap. I’m not longer in my 20s. Goodbye to being young and new to the adult life. Goodbye to my youth. I’m officially old. Haha.

You know though, if I really think about it. I’m freaking glad my 20s are over! I was just one mental roller coaster after another. I’m so over the drain and heartache of my 20s.

Yes, I did have some positive thing happen to me in my 20s. I went out of my comfort zone tons of times. I graduated for Penn State. I meant some pretty awesome people. I fell in love with a wonderful man who is the father of my little princess. I started this blog. I moved into my own house. So yeah, I did have a lot of shitty things too. Somethings my mind with NEVER forget while others I’m like let it go.

I made awful mistakes before going out with my boyfriend now. I had two serious boyfriend mixed into with hook up regrets and one hook I don’t regret.

My life didn’t go as I planned at all. I’m not where I want to be at 30 beside being a mom. That’s the one thing I wanted before turning 30 to be a mom.

However, I’m looking forward to seeing what my 30s begins.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye 20s, Hello my 30s

      1. I think a lot of people say that, but I hear most people find stability in their 30s, so fingers crossed.


  1. Happy Birthday – I’m celebrating 50 years this week, and I read your post and went, yep my 20’s sucked (lost my Mum there), my thirties were okay (apart from losing my Dad) but I did meet the love of my life, and had my one and only child; my 40’s were full of health challenges, so I’m looking forward to turning 50, and all that it brings….

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