Dying Easter Eggs With A Four Year Old is a Blast

One of my favorite Easter traditions is dying eggs. As a kid, I always enjoy coloring eggs with my parents. I kept hoping for the day my daughter would actually enjoy my favorite tradition. Well, the day has came and couldn’t be happier because dying Easter eggs with a four year old is a blast. 

My daughter surprised me a lot today. I didn’t expect her to help me and listening to the instructions. She proved me wrong. She put the tables in the cups. I measured out the vinegar and water because she’s not ready for this step just yet. She poured both of them in with only two mess but the messes weren’t too bad and clean it up without a problem (HUGE for her. She’s fighting a lot when it comes to cleaning up). She EVEN waiting for the tables to dissolve. Last year, she had a meltdown because the tablets didn’t melt fast enough.

My daughter putting the tablets in cups.
Waiting for the tablets to dissolve.

After my daughter helped out with the set up, I really didn’t know what to expect next. I have learned with four that I really don’t know what the day will bring. Every day is filled with new surprises and challenge. So, my mind told me, “This can either go out the window or be incredibly fun.” There’s no in between. I really thought she was going to be fussy because she went to bed late and woke up moody. She listened once again and color the eggs with us. She dipped the eggs in whatever color she wanted then tried to take her egg out and crack the tops. She then asked for help after her eggs were in long enough to get a nice solid color. She even decorated the eggs with the magic clear crayon.

Draw with the magic crayon 🖍

My daughter didn’t want to stop there! She picked out a glitter egg dying kit. I think she would have taken a break after dying. Nope, she wanted me to open the glue and green glitter pack right way so she decorate the eggs. I jumped on it because I’m bracing anything she actively into now. She absolutely loves art projects. So when she wants to continue to decorate, I let her and we added glitter to our eggs.

My daughter then thought it was going cute to left the Easter Bunny our eggs by her door. She wanted to give the bunny a snack and swap eggs for her basket. I thought the idea was cute and unique. You’re always hear people getting the Easter Bunny carrots or lettuce. Never colored eggs. I thought it was adorable and when with it.

Of course being the corny mom I am, I wrote my daughter a letter. I wanted to play along.

I took out my two eggs from the cart then left the shells with a letter … “Thank you for the eggs. I ate two and left the others w/ you. GO find them in a cold place. Hop love hop, the Easter Bunny

I really enjoyed decorating eggs with my daughter and having fun with her. I also loved comparing her to the past years because it blows my mind to see the differences. I’m just loving every moment!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and the bunny brought some bunnyulous things.

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