Read This If You’re a Motherless Mom on Easter

Easter is another holiday shaped around family and preparations for your kids. You wish you could just skip another holiday but you can’t because you have a kid or kids and need to put on a smile. You need to put your head up and do all the traditions because your kid(s) enjoy them. You’re just a motherless mom who wishes she can have her mother for another holiday.

All the emotions in your head are telling you to not celebrate, but you can’t. Your kid(s) are excited about the Easter Bunny and getting together with family. You will also remind the kiddo(s) Easter is about Jesus Christ dying for our sins on the cross. Hallmark just likes to put pressure on you about the Easter so you buy things for the Easter Basket. You just don’t want to, but he or she is bugging you over and over what to put in a basket. The struggle is real especially when your heart just isn’t in it.

Let be real. You’re not excited about visiting your family because they’re just going to bring up how your kid(s) looks like your mom and tell you how bad they feel for you. Your mind falls apart every time you hear these two things.

You have noticed a few similarities between your kid(s) and your mom. Family thinks if they tell you this every holiday that it will make your feel better. The truth is hearing this makes you feel worst but you just put on a smile your face because you don’t want to ruin Easter if any other holiday. You know eventually brush this comment off.

The comment about “feeling bad for you” sticks to your heart like super glue. The phrase also swims around your head making you sink into a dark black hole. You don’t want their pity but for some unknown reason, they think you do. Your mind starts making you second guess what you say or how to act because what if you’re acting like you want their pity. All your thoughts are crushing down on you so you’re just counting down to went you can escape. Hopefully, your kid(s) shows signs of being tired and you can make that your excuse to leave. If the time isn’t passing by, then go hang out with your kid(s) and forget about reality for a little bit. I’m sure seeing his or her smile will help you remember why you used to love the holidays too.

You always step away from the family for an Easter Egg Hunt with all the kids. If the hunt isn’t set up yet, ask a family member where the eggs are then offered to set up the hunt. This will also get your families to focus off of feeling bad for you because they’ll love watching the kiddos running around trying to find the eggs. Someone may even offer to help you to hide them if you need to prepare for the hunt. Whatever the solution is you have successfully escaped.

Now, you just have to get through dinner. You got this! All you have to do is change the subject of your kid(s) or get your family to talk about themselves. Everyone loves when they have a chance to talk about themselves, so let them. You can eat and stop the conversation from being focused on you for once. It’s a win for everyone.

After dinner you can even leave because most likely it’s going to be late enough f,or you to use the “bed time” excuse as an escape. You may also be feeling sleepy and drained after hearing your family’s “I feel sorry for you” talks and just how hard it is to be around family. It sucks when you’re missing your mother.

Remember, try to stay strong and breath when Easter is getting rough. You can get through it. Your kid(s) will help you along the way with smiles, hugs, and kisses. You got this!

Happy Easter! 🐣🐰🐇

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