10 Ins and Outs Of Having a Four Year Old

Four isn’t as bad as the “terrible twos” and “threeanger” stages. But it has its downfall such as full of talking back. Emotions come crashing down without a warning. Every stage has its ins and outs, but here’s are what to expect at four years old.

1) Your kid’s imagination starts to blow your mind.

Playtime is extra fun now because of the things your kiddo is going to come up with on his or her own. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is playing with or without you; his or she will imagine up a crazy storyline.

2) He or she can most likely colors in the lines now.

The coloring is the cure for boredom when you need to get things done (at least this works in my house). A kid starts off eating crayons then once a paper of piece is introduced coloring. It begins as a line then a zig-zag to adding more color on the page. Then one day out of nowhere, he or she focuses on the details of the picture in coloring books or coloring sheets.

3) A four year old can follow the simple step by step instructions now.

The moment every parent has longed for is ALMOST HERE. I say almost because it’s only the start of the journey. Your kid is ready for following steps on how to do a certain creative or even a chorus around the house. He or she can even start cooking with you. Your kid can start memorizing what comes next in a recipe.

4) Feelings are easier to express, but he or she still has trouble at times.

Your kid can tell you how he or she is feeling with face expressions followed by the words. This is the best thing about four because you’ll know exactly how to help your kid learn what will make the emotion go away and how to fix it when it happens again. It’s also easier on you because you know what’s going on in your kid’s little mind. Emotions are difficult to understand, so make sure you’re with him or her even step of the way.

5) You will NEVER know what he or she is going to say next.

Four brings some really interesting and funny conversations with your kid. I bet three brought some great conversations with your kid, but just want into four. Your kid is more aware of his or her surroundings so the craziest things will be said. The saying “kids say the dandiest things” is the story of your life now. Have fun laughing up a storm with your kid.

6) Friends are starting to have an impact on your four years old’s life.

The moment has come where friends are starting to influence your kid’s life. I know what you’re thinking, “NOOOOO, it’s too soon!” Well think again, it’s not too early. Don’t be afraid to tell your kid if you’re not a fan of whatever he or she learned from a friend. Try to explain every household has different rules and you don’t allow them the same things other parents may let fly. Hopefully, he or she listens and drops it. Good luck with this one.

7) Dislikes shine strongly every day.

Your four year old is starting to notice what he or she dislike now. Be prepared to hear “I don’t like that” about a million times a day because it’s going to be your life now. Wait, the good thing about this is you know what to stay away from now.

8) Empathy for other’s feelings is starting to develop.

Your kid is understanding how other people in his or her life has feelings too. He or she will start wanting to make a sad person feel better. It’s adorable because the four year old will try a way to make some feel better in the most innocent way ever. How? He or she will make pictures, say something as helpful as the little mind can come up with it, or just a simple little hug. Whatever your kid tries your heart will melt and a smile will shine brightly on your face.

9) Your four year old looks in pictures now.

Is it annoyed when your kid doesn’t look at the camera when you’re trying to take a picture? Well, okay it’s not perfect at four BUT you will be getting more pictures of his or her cute little face more often. So shoot away and enjoy the smile.

10) He or she can start having medicine that ACTUALLY WORKS.

In the first 3 years of your kid’s life, you could barely give him or her medicine that actually works. Don’t get me wrong I have sworn by Zarbees for the last few years because of it natural and works at its own pace. I love nighttime medicine from Zarbees the best. The age range is 2 – 12. It works wonders. My hubby isn’t impressed by how long the natural formula takes so he’s always asking me to find something that works. I told her over and over again how she’s too young for most medicines and plus honey is yummy. Well recently, I went to my local Walgreens after her doctor appointment to find cold medicine and I came across Children’s Mucinex Muli-Symptoms Cold medicine. I jumped for joy in the store because my hubby and I always use Mucinex when we’re sick so I knew he would be happy as well when I showed him. My daughter HATE the taste at first by she’s getting used to it and loving how the little germ guy is helping her feel better. Oh, and your kid is starting to understand how important rest is when you’re sick. It’s so wonderful.

Four is definitely my favorite age so far even with sass and independence. Enjoy four!




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