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When Anxiety Creeps Up On Me And Takes Over

Anxiety loves messing with my head. It fills up with doubt as if a What If Monster creeps inside my mind. I get lost in a heavy, dark cloud hanging over me.

My mind spins in circles as I begin to freak out. I start to overthink EVERYTHING and sometimes have panic attacks. Everything starts to get blurry. I lose my positive thoughts from the negativity splashing in my mind.

It whispers in my ears and makes me second guess everything around me. I can’t think straight or focus. My head becomes too heavy to keep up. Anxiety is here with a monster draining me down.

The What If Monster makes me doubt the good around my personal bubble by telling me how scary it would be. I believe the monster because anxiety is fogging up my mind.

My mood then begins to alter without my control or knowledge. I’m overwhelmed and not my sweet self anymore. I search for her as my mind slowly fogs up.

She’s no way to be found as I’m fading into the darkness. I try my hardest to keep liking by the anxiety monster pushes down her tracks. It’s winning.

I don’t give up because I hate feeling like this. I tell myself to keep on going no matter how exhausting or draining the process is for me. Anxiety doesn’t deserve to win.

Some days, this is easier said than done because the fog is too thick in my mind. I’m drained and lost for days. I can’t seem to step out and get back to normal.

Anxiety is my worst enemy. Every day is a battle I have to fight and get through with anxiety hanging on my shoulders. At the end of the day, I’m here and stronger for getting through yet another day with my What If Monster.

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5 thoughts on “When Anxiety Creeps Up On Me And Takes Over

  1. Do you find that the anxiety is easier to deal with when you’ve exercised? I find that I get out of my own head so much more if I just go for a walk, or go into the garden, just anywhere but dwelling in my own mind.

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      1. I just find that moving lifts my mood. I went to a resilience project at my child’s school and they showed a statistic that said just by moving we can change our mood in under 30 second. I loved it. So that’s what I try and do now….

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