Flashback Friday Post: Guardian Angels Are Real!

Two years ago yesterday, I felt the presence of my parents went my daughter fell at the playground. She left without a mark in her! I still have no idea how this happened, but it did and I believe my parents had helped her. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Today, I felt the presence of my dad and mom together. I haven’t experienced both of them yet. They always come separately to me.

My daughter and I were at the playground by our house. She ran around and enjoyed nature like normal. Today, she wanted to sit in the red bench with a leaf, two acorns, and mommy. My daughter doesn’t need my help getting up the bench anymore. She started to have trouble with getting her right leg down. Then before I knew it, she falls off onto the sidewalk platform area. I jump off the bench and checked her body. Luckily, nothing happened and she’s ok. That’s the moment I felt both of my parents.They stood right beside us as I checked and calmed my daughter down. I then asked my daughter if she wanted to stay or go home. She said she wanted to go home. We left and I feel my parents walking us home. She ended up passing out on me because she didn’t want to leave my side.

My daughter has no idea how lucky she is to have two incredible people looking over her. I can’t wait to explain to her more about who they were and how they will always be there for her.

I relearned today that my parents never left me. Sometimes, I forget how they’re still mysterious there when I don’t expect it or need them. It’s refreshing knowing I have both of my parents around to look after daughter. I know she will always be safe with or without me.

She is my gift from God, so I don’t have to be alone here on Earth. I honestly had a hatred for God for a while now because I never understood why I had to lost my parents at such a young age. Now, I understand. My parents were meant to be my daughter’s guardian angels. They were meant to always look after her. It’s God’s plan if I like it or not. Yes, I would love for them to physically be here on Earth. Maybe that’s not how it was supposed to be. I needed the strength and experience to show my daughter that no matter what happens in life you have to move on.

Life doesn’t stop when you lose a love one. The mind may make you feel like your life is crashing down on you. It’s not. It’s only beginning and start of a new chapter with a more powerful character.

I’m glad I came across this because as the weekend rolls in my mind is leaping into a dark place. I feel like I can’t think straight and so depressed. I hate cancer for coming back when I truly need my mom the most. After reading this, I remind myself how my mom is just here as an angel. That’s the best she can do. I have to get my mystery to realize this. I’m at that point with my dad, so I have hope I will with my mom. It’s only been 4 years without my mom anyways. My dad has been died from almost a decade now. Time will lead me to the place eventually!

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7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Post: Guardian Angels Are Real!

  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing that. I hope to one day have the strength that you demonstrate every single day. And you’re absolutely right, you parents are with you, with your daughter, they’re there – they’re your angels. Blessing to you always!

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  2. Incredible! I’m so sorry you lost your parents, but now they can always be there for you and your daughter whenever and wherever they are needed, something parents who are still physically on Earth cannot do.

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