Building Myself Up As The Dark Clouds Moves ln

Anxiety has no power over me.

I am brave.

Depression will not change my mood.

I am bigger than depression.

Motherhood isn’t easy, but I love everything moment of it.

I am a fabulous mom.

My body may have changed after my daughter.

I am beautiful.

My life feels like one huge roller coaster I will never seem to get off.

I am strong enough to hold on.

Death and sickens has always creeped in my life.

I am not going to let it define me.

Life isn’t easy.

I am going to press through the pain.

***Author’s note: In the next couple of days, I’m going to be in a fog. My mom’s 4 year death anniversary is rolling in. I also found out 4 years ago around this time my mom’s cancer came back and separated. I wrote this to build myself up and not let my thought get the best of me.***

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4 thoughts on “Building Myself Up As The Dark Clouds Moves ln

  1. Anniversaries are always the worst. My thoughts are with you. I always marvel at how strong you are for you and your daughter despite the losses you have suffered. Stay strong!

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    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes, I just need to write and hear it from someone else to know I’m strong I am. 💜
      I’m really going to try to stay as strong is I can. I always want to write about it more since writing really helps. It’s just so hard to get words out sometimes when my thoughts are all over the place.

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