The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth Review – Usborne Books & More

The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth

By: Ellie Hattie

Age: 5 – 9

Pages: 24

ISBN: 978-1-61067-592-5

Price: $16.99

*All About the Book*

The Curious Case of the Missing Wolly Mammoth is a fun history book based on a museum in a big city. The two main characters are Oscar and Timothy. Oscar is a little boy who discovers a strange creature outside of his window. Timothy is the mysterious Wolly Mammoth Oscar finds. The adventure begins when Timothy and Oscar hear clash behind trash cans. It’s Timothy’s little brother, Teddy, being a troublemaker. The two follow Teddy throughout the book. He caused mischief and mayhem as they’re trying to get him home before “the magic hour” is up at one o’clock. Will Timothy and Oscar caught Teddy before the time is up? Will Timothy’s and Teddy’s mom be upset?

Kids will love the adventure Timothy and Oscar takes them as us they look for Teddy. The book has flaps which keep kids interested. Teddy’s silly help kids laugh and think where the silly little Wolly Mammoth is next. Kids may feel as if they can relate to him because he’s exactly what little ones at like all the time. Timothy makes learning fun with his friend, Oscar, as they search for a museum. Kids will most likely what to visit a museum after reading this book because it opens their eyes to historical facts and events.

Parents will falling in love with how fun the book makes museum sound. This book can help kids get ready for a trip to the museum. It will help parents prepare their kids what to expect during the trip. Parents may also learn interesting information about historical figures.

*Our Reaction About The Book*

My daughter loves Teddy. She loves trying to find him on each page as I read. Her favorite part is when Timothy and Oscar walk into the museum and they see mud little Wolly Mammoth. She loves following the footprints towards Teddy. She also loves went the gang goes into the Dinosaur Exhibit. My daughter is obsessed with T Rex, so that’s definitely a huge part. She’s not really interested in the history part of the book, so I tend to skip out them unless asked me to read under the flaps. I don’t expect her to be interested since she’s only 3 years old. I’m hoping she will be soon because she doesn’t love learning.

Just like the Nibbles books, The Curious Case of the Missing Wolly Mammoth has a plushie too. My daughter absolutely loves the Mammoth. It’s adorable. It’s super soft and furry. She loves sleeping with the Mammoth as well.

My daughter and I are always arguing about who’s the plushie in the book. I think it’s Timothy. She thinks it’s Teddy. Who do you think it is? Look at the picture of the plushie above and compare it to the ones below. Then, leave your answer in the comments.

Timothy ^

Teddy ^

I love Wolly Mammoth, so The Case of the Missing Mammoth has always appealed to me. When I first discovered Usborne Books & More, I thought this book was amazing to teach little kids about museums. I love the facts in the book because little kids can learn so much. I also am attached to children’s book I can learn from as well. The plushie pulls me in the book as well. It’s just so cute. Who doesn’t want a Wolly Mammoth? I know I do. Nibbles is my spirit animal, but Teddy/Timothy is my book soul mate.

Do you want to know more about Usborne Books? Join my group, Kimi’s Usborne Bookshelf.

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