15 Signs Your Daughter Is A Basic White Girl In-Training

The fall is creeping up on us fast. All the stores are starting to fill up the shelves with Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider, Maple, scarves, and Halloween stuff.

As a “Basic White Mom,” we can’t help it but go a little crazy and jump for joy. Because our season is finally here.

  1. She gets excited when she sees pumpkin spice on the self.
  2. She points out the pumpkin spice items before you even notice them.
  3. She’s learning cool weather means hoodies, scarves, boots, and leggings time.
  4. She’s starting to love Halloween.
  5. She tells you how much fun Halloween is.
  6. She loves pumpkin picking.
  7. She loves picking out scarves.
  8. She admires the leaves as they start to change.
  9. She loves the sound of leaving crunching under her boots.
  10. One of her first words may have been pumpkin.
  11. She tells you how much she loves the cool breeze blowing in her hair.
  12. She loves apples, heck she like anything apple favors.
  13. Apple cider is one of her favorites.
  14. She loves to play in leaves.
  15. Thanksgiving is another of her favorite holidays.

Unlike “Basic White Girls,” we have an audience, our daughter(s). They’re starting to pick up the love for fall. And you’re enjoy every moment of it.

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2 thoughts on “15 Signs Your Daughter Is A Basic White Girl In-Training

  1. You’re getting me in the fall spirit, and your daughter sounds like a delight! Unfortunately, here in Southern California we’ve been reassured summer is going to last another 3 months, but I’m hoping the pumpkins start coming out soon and I can pretend it’s getting cooler. I may not be a basic white girl, but I sure love pumpkin pie spice!

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