Color Street Nails Review

Do you like getting your nails done? Do like having fancy nails? Are you tired of paying a fortune at nail salons? Are you a mom who would love to have fancy nails? Do you want nails that last? Do you hear a daughter who loves having her nails done? If you answered yes to any of my questions, then I have a product for you!

Color Street Nails is a company who sells nail polish strips for your nails. I know what you’re thinking, stickers don’t sound too great for nails. You’re wrong! The glue on these strips is very strong. It sticks to your nail without a problem or heat like Jamberry nail strips.

Jamberry vs Color Street

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having a buy a mini heater The sounds are annoying and loud. I prefer not to hear a loud blowing in my eye when I’m trying to relax and pamper myself. Keep the heater at the nail salon! Sounds can stress me out, especially when it’s consistent and in my ears. The nails strips didn’t even stay on for more than a week like advertised. I always run into a lot of bubbles even after cleaning my nails like the directions told me.

Nail Salon vs Color Street

I love the nail salon because I don’t have to do anything. It’s so relaxing. I love being pampered. The only problem is how expensive getting your nails done at a salon ends up being when you pay. You can end up paying $50 & up for a great set or $20 & up for a fill. That’s not even the price for a design. I’m a sucker for designs. I love the way they look and being unique. I ended up paying at least $30 or sometimes more because of my design addiction.

All About Color Street

If you’re a sucker for designs too, Color Street has some beautifulsome to pick from on their site. The sets are sold for in between $11 and $14. If you don’t want designs or can’t wear them at work, don’t worry Color Street has French nails as well. I fell in love with the Fiji Shores, Safari Chic, and AtlantisAtlantis.

How to apply Color Street:

  1. Clean your nail before applying, so you get the oils off your fingernails.
  2. Remove the cover off the strips.
  3. Select the size perfect for the nails you’re applying.
  4. Push down the nail polish strip. Hold for about 15 minutes.
  5. Cut off the selection not on your nail.

Oh and my 4 year is in love with Color Street. She loves how she can help me and do everything, but using my sharp scissors. She files my nails and herself. Of course, it’s not perfect because she’s 4 but in no time she’s going to be about to do it herself.

I highly recommend Color Street for every girl and woman in your life. They make the best gifts for holidays, birthday, or whatever.

Check out the whole site here and more tips on applying the nails … Color Street.

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10 thoughts on “Color Street Nails Review

  1. Hey, Kimi Ann-Marie! When my sister came to visit for a few days in July, she brought El Dorado and Upper East Side sets for me to try. The glitter polish (El Dorado) definitely lasted longer than the non-glitter (Upper East Side). I love the concept, convenience, and accessibility. However, I experienced the same thing you did; they didn’t last long. Mine started chipping at the tips. Did this happen to you too?


    1. Hello. 🙂
      I haven’t try either of those yet. My daughter and I used Mardi Gras glitter set. It lasted at up to 3 weeks. She’s 3 too! Maybe try holding down the polish longer next time to get the hold better.

      Btw, mentioned having problems with Jamberry not Color Street. Jamberry always chipped and NEVER last. I will never recommend Jamberry to anyone. 😂


  2. I love color street nails but I’ve gotten screwed too many times. I ordered once from someone and never got them. What a waste of 40 dollars. Then getting charged from my account instead of my daughter’s account but it came out of my husband’s acct.. it happened again when over 50 dollars were taken out, of his account and my daughter’s account also. Shouldn’t I receive my money back into my acct..


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