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LifeTales App Review

Social Media is a huge part of our lives. We share everything on the internet such us where we are, who we’re with, pictures, videos, and live videos. We love feeling connected with each other 24/7. The hunger of oversharing became a norm in our lives.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have wiggled its way into our lives over the last few years. We share EVERYTHING on Facebook from pictures, statuses, videos, live videos, news articles, and stories. Twitter is known for tweeting anything you want in ONLY 140 words with hashtags. Instagram is a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, but you only express yourself through pictures, captions, and hashtags. Do you know what else all of these social media networks have in common? Each and every one of them has invaded in your privates at some point and guilty of saving your post even after deleting them. The sites are trying to fix these things now, but it’s still crazy to think about because of how much we depend and us all of them every day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing about social media sites saying, “Oops, sorry we invaded your privacy again” AFTER promising the problems and keeping our post safe. I’m the type of people who love posting on social media because I love connecting with ours and knowing what everyone is up to in my life. I don’t like how our beloved social media sites think it’s okay or even has the right to be so shady.

I recently was contacted by a creator of a new app called LifeTales, which is a new and free social media app/site for families. LifeTales main focus is to create a place for their users to share online without invading your privacy. It’s an app where you can choose to share your post with whoever you want without worrying about who’s actually seeing your post. The perks of Lifetale are you don’t have to make a separate post for text, audio (not our platform as this), videos, and pictures. Your posts are in a story format you’re used to on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

LifeTales reminds me of Snapchat with the main upgrade because it’s another app you can only have a story without the newsfeed feeling. The difference between LifeTales and Snapchats is the formal of stories. In Snapchat, you’re limited only one snap per upload. On Lifetales, your story can have multiple pictures along with picking your own cover picture. Lifetales also allows you to name your story. You can pick yourself how long you want your story live for on the profile. On top of that, your friends and family can comment on your posts in a thread. Snapchats only lets you send your friends and family messages about pictures in the stories.

Sign up for Lifetales! You will love it.

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