Eight Years Ago Today, I Started Dating My Soulmate

The best moments in my life feel as if they just happened yesterday, but time has a different plan. It’s flying by before I even blink. Life goes on as my memories hang up in a line through my mind. One of my favorite memories is eight years ago when I started dating my soulmate.

I can’t believe we have been together for so long because I have always sucked at relationships or things just didn’t work out. I have made so many mistakes and done things I can’t take back with past relationships. A part of me wishes I could say I’m sorry, but too much time as past now.

But all of these mistakes and disappointment in myself helped me learn what I should and shouldn’t do in a relationship. Of course, I still screw up for time to time with my current relationship, but the difference is I’m actually trying to stay with him. I NEVER actually tired before. I see this now.

I’m in love and willing to do whatever it takes to fix things if we fight or something is wrong. I thought I was in love before him, but the reality is I wasn’t really. I used to just love the idea of having a guy in my life and thought I was in love as well.

The truth is I didn’t know what love was until I met my current boyfriend. He showed me how to love a person no matter what.

He showed me what love really should feel like versus what it shouldn’t feel like in a relationship.

He has my back when I need him. He has seen me at my worst and my best.

He guides me through life when I’m lost in the clouds.

He listens to me when my depression and anxiety makes me believe everything is falling apart.

He lets me cry in his arms when I’m feeling emotional. He knows when something is wrong before I even say a word by my facial expression.

He calls me out when I’m being insane and snaps me back to reality.

My boyfriend waited for me to be ready for marriage without my parents. He understands I wanted to mentally prepare myself for a wedding without my mom and dad. He’s never pressured me into something I’m not obviously ready for in my life.

I know I love him because I haven’t given up or ran away when things are out of my control. I stay by him through all the darkest and brightest time. I used to run when I felt uncomfortable. Not anymore, I’m all in now.

I wasn’t even looking or meaning to meet someone when we first met. It just happened naturally like a puzzle. Our love still fits perfect after all these years.

We have become stronger over the years because of our experiences and sticking by one other.

Yes, my boyfriend annoys the heck out of me from time to time. I don’t run away like a used to because I know you have to love every part of someone now. It’s important and the key to relationships.

I love him so much. Here’s to many more to come!

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