Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty Review – Usborne Books & More

Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty

By: Anna Milourne

Age: 3+

Pages: 14

Publisher: Usborne

ISBN: 540371

Price: $14.99

*All About the Book*

Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty is in the same series of my Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella review. Sleeping Beauty follows the Classic just like Cinderella in the series. The vivid and colorful pages tell the story of Sleeping Beauty in a short version. Just like Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella, the book is filled with touchable graphics. The front page is brilliant because the seven fairies’ gifts are connected through vines of magic. It’s a creative way to show how each gift will make up Sleeping Beauty in her future as Princess. The book is filled for other creative tasks to tell the Classic.

Kids will love the fairies because of their magic and kindness. The may be tiny but they’re big enough to grab the attention of kids. Of course, the bad fairy will interest kids as well because that’s her job. She steaks the show at the party and when Sleeping Beauty. Kids will love how evil she is but yet feel bad for the princess.

Parents will love the Classic shining throughout the pages rather than changes. They may even find the graphics amazing as well. The cutouts will also draw parents in touch because they’re so eye-catching.

*Our Reaction*

My daughter is in the princess obsession stage. She loves everything about princesses. She also always wants to dress up in her princess more than half the time. She’s open to any story with princesses. Sleep Beauty is starting to be her favorite princess story. She loves the part where Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on the spinning wheel because everything has to go to sleep now.

My daughter started playing a game “go to sleep then WAKE UP,” since she learned how to walk. I have played this game for three years now. She then started wanting to play “Princess Skye” after seeing the Paw Patrol’s Halloween episode. Even since Sleeping Beauty arrived in the mail, her Princess Skye game has a purpose now. The book helped grow her imagination, which is incredible how one book can change a child’s mind.

Sleeping Beauty reminds me how important sleep is if you want to stay beautiful. I always think of how much I love to go to sleep as well when I’m reading my daughter this book.

Sleeping Beauty is filled with great graphics but my favorite one is the vines. They look so real and reminds me of actual vines. It’s also my favorite part of the story. I love when the Prince comes to rescue. The vines’ texture helps bring my favorite place alive. I’m so love with the cuts and roses laying on top of the vines.

Do you want to know more about Usborne Books? Join my group, Kimi’s Usborne Bookshelf.

My next book review will be on The Case of the Missing Mammoth.

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