Why Finding The Perfect Pediatrician is The Key

Children are gross. They pick their noses and cough without cover their little mouths. The little germ monster separate illness all around. This is why finding the perfect Pediatrician is the key for kids.

It’s so important to have a good doctor. But it’s even more important to like the office secretaries because they’re the ones who make or break your impression of the place. If you don’t like even one of them, you avoid contacting the office unless something is seriously wrong.

As parents, we should want to call the doctor about everything! No matter how silly the question is, but you stop to think twice if the secretaries have previously made you uncomfortable or came off rude. It’s all about trust, feeling wanted, and feeling welcomed.

You should also love your Pediatrician. That’s very important because he or she is the only taking care of your child(ren) after all. If you don’t get along with him or her, it can cause tension. You absolutely don’t want tension with your doctor. It will just cause problems.

It’s also important to have a Pediatrician who doesn’t pressure you to send your kid(s) to daycare or even stay at home. He or she should be well rounded and respectful of whatever your lifestyle is. Sometimes, this is hard to find but a doctor who looks down on your choices will make you uncomfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, chances are your kid(s) will be as well.

You also want a Pediatrician doesn’t leave you hanging when you go in and ask questions. He or she should fill your brain with so much information you know what’s exactly wrong. No matter how silly your questions may be because that’s his or her job. It shouldn’t be a problem or sounds like one. If it does, that’s a red flag.

Your kid(s) need to be comfortable with the Pediatrician as well. He or she is the only being looked at after all. If the kid(s) dislike the doctor for any reason, the visits are going to be hell. Because he or she will be hiding or acting up to show how uncomfortable the solution is for them. You definitely don’t want that. Your mood will change as well because now you have a cranky child of children to deal with.

Basically, the key to a successful doctor visit relays on the office and the Pediatrician as well. If you have both, you will be willing to go and contact them for everything. You don’t want to force yourself to go or call. You most certainly don’t want your kid(s) to feel uncomfortable. You have to feel respected and welcomed. You have your questions to be answered. Everything needs to be perfect!

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5 thoughts on “Why Finding The Perfect Pediatrician is The Key

  1. This is so timely. So my child had been complaining of a sore throat – now they have a history of tonsillitis so I took them to the bulk billed clinic thinking, the GP will have a look in, give me an idea if it’s those pesky tonsils playing up and a carer’s certificate so I could take the time off work to make sure my child was well rested.

    So in we go, only to have the GP freak out when he looked into my child’s throat and immediately started discussing in front of my very intelligent child that we needed to go to Emergency immediately. There was no attempt to either engage with my child – who is sitting there on the edge of tears and no calming manner. The GP just rang the hospital to find out if the specialist was on duty and then packed us up and out of the treatment room.

    We ended up in Emergency, where we had a lovely student Doctor and a very kind specialist treat my child. They spoke kindly and gauged how much my child was understanding of what was going on. (Also they saw how upset they were by the whole thing). They treated my child with a bedside manner that was exemplary, and also treated my child as a human being – in that they spoke often with them, and explained what was going on. (The tonsil was enlarged enough that the GP was concerned there might be a secondary infection lurking behind it – which I found out from the specialist as the GP didn’t explain that to me.)

    So when I read your post, I went I so agree. You need to find a Doctor who will treat your child with respect and gentleness too.

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    1. Omg I’m so sorry you had to experience that! Some doctors are seriously a holes! I can’t even deal with it!

      We just switched doctors because my doctor is on my bf’s health insurance now. I had a wonderful experience at her new dr office. We used to go to the clinic and the front end people kept telling me I didn’t have health insurance when I know it did. They would file me a non insurance patient for almost a year now. I ended being a huge stress ball all the time because it was bs. I has Medicaid for my daughter! I loved her actually dr but the subs were just awful! I asked for vitamins and instead of talking to me about what I would get my daughter she prescribed her freaking Flintstone vitamins! I was like omg are you serious when I pick it up. So yeah I was excited to switch. But now I have to go get my transfer paper sign and I don’t want to. 😂


      1. You’ve made the right decision to switch. It’s tough finding someone you can trust with your child’s health care…..and I understand how much harder it is in the USA. Here in Australia we at least have Medicare which pays for GP visits….

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