Wipe – Clean Alphabet Cards Review — Usborne Books & More

Wipe-Clean Alphabet Cards

By: Felicity Brooks

Age: 3+

Pages: 30

Publisher: Usborne

ISBN: 53957

Price: $9.99

*All About the Book*

Usborne Books & More’s wipe – clean series is incredible. My daughter and I have gotten so many since my book review on Wipe – Clean Beginning Pen Control. The Alphabet Cards are a great addition to your house because it teaches a child(ren) how to write letters as well as words. Each letter has common word kids can indefinite on the card. The kid(s) also can write the word as well. The cards have levels too. It starts off with dotted lines then moved to write without lines.

On the back, the kid(s) start off writing the word and letter with lines then it is only the letter and moves to freestyle. The cards can also be used of teaching order of letters in the alphabet.

Kids will love knowing the word on the cards. He or she will love learning how to write the known word. The cards help give kids confidence and penalty of practice in writing, spelling, and reading. They will be amazed at how much progress is being made with cards.

Parents will love how easy the cards are too clean and repeat the learning. The information on these cards will help parents keep kids interested and learning as well. It’s great for summer break to help kids practice writing and spelling or teaching kids at home. Whichever a parent’s solution, Wipe – Clean Alphabet Cards are the best way to teach their kids.

*My Daughter’s Reaction*

My daughter loves the pictures on the cards. She gets so proud when knows what the pictures then write a letter perfectly. She loves when she writes something perfect. She even likes how she can wipe away her mistake and try again. My daughter loves the pages where it shows exactly how to write the alphabet with step by step. She even showed me I didn’t follow the steps right.

I love seeing my daughter learning and engaging with the cards. It blows my mind how she’s starting to write and identify letters now. I love how she can progress with the cards rather than them just focusing on one thing. I love things she can’t get bored of and ask for when she’s looking for something to do.

Do you want to know more about Usborne Books? Join my group, Kimi’s Usborne Bookshelf.

My next book review will be next Tuesday (hopefully, haha) on Wipe – Clean First Words Cards.

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