To The Stay At Home Moms Who Love Wines

You deserve Mommy time after a long day of the normal daily task. Your mind is always spinning and figuring out what to do next. Do you clean up the toys? Do you take care of the dishes in the sink? Do you finish laundry? But wine is calling your name from your refrigerator because you’re a stay at home mom who loves wine.

It’s all you can think about is pour a glass of wine after bedtime. But you can’t because you have to take care of your little one(s) and you have to be functioning. You longing for mommy time.

Tantrums mix into the housework doesn’t help your case. Your kid(s) are in a mood today. Everything you do or say isn’t working for them. It’s draining you. This makes you want mom time and a glass of wine even more.

The laundry that has to be down is waiting for you. You know it has to be done because no more else is going to do it. It’s haunting you from the distance. The laundry gets done because you don’t want to look at it anymore. Wine is still calling your name.

Meals mush into the mixture as well. You feel like you’re always making food or the little one(s) are asking for food. The sink you just cleaned is a mess again. It’s a never-ending pit of dishes. You can’t bear to look at it. But you do them anyway because it must be done.

Play dates and fun activities help you forget the things you should be doing if you’re lucky. It’s nice to get out for just a little bit. The fresh air will do some good for the kiddo(s) and you to get out the house. Plus being in the house all day doesn’t help either your kiddo(s) or you.

After a long day, bedtime finally hits and you’re happy. Why because you can finally have a glass of wine and relax.

You’re a wine lover and a mom. Don’t worry about being judged because you love wine. Nothing is wrong with a glass. So drink up and cheers!

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11 thoughts on “To The Stay At Home Moms Who Love Wines

  1. I don’t drink, but love chocolate, so substituted in chocolate and it reads like a dream! This sounds a lot like my day today. Moody, moody, moody. Need to find chocolate now…

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  2. I don’t drink but a cup of hot tea works for me. I know it was years before I could drink a hot cup of tea, without either forgetting where I put it (because I was distracted by doing everything else) or I had to wait for it to cool down enough that it was safe to drink and take care of my child. Great post!

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