Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Cinderella – Usborne Books & More

 Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Cinderella

By: Anna Melbourne

Age: 3+

Hardback: 14

Publisher: Usborne

ISBN: 38712

Price: $14.99

*All About the Book*

Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Cinderella stays true to the Classic fairy tale unlike Beauty & the Beast in the series. Since the book is only 14 pages, it can’t give every little detail. The illusion of the book really helps tell the story by filling in absent of details from Classic. Just like Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella has flaps and peek help to tell the story. Every little detail on each page helps bring Cinderella to live right in from of your eyes. The most unique page of the book is shaped like a castle’s gate. It different than the rest because Cinderella is making her grand exist and leaving her glass slipper behind.

Kids fall in love with the book because it’s filled flaps and details they can feel on the pages. The book grabs attention by helping them feel sorry for Cinderella in the beginning. Kids continue wanting to know more as Cinderella’s luck turns around when the fairy godmother appears. Cinderella’s transformation page shows kids, especially how she gets ready for the ball. The magic of the fairy godmother wows them every time because it’s the only page with two flaps.

As a parent, they can breathe and enjoy one of your favorite fairy tales without worrying about changes. The dress may even catch a parent’s eye because it’s a magnificent pink. Okay, the dress is different than the original. The sparkles and puffy bottom makes a color change so small. Don’t worry everything else is the same.

*My Daughter’s Reaction*

My daughter loves getting involved with the flaps and touching everything! She’s all about touching the detail of the houses and castle. It’s not as much as Beauty and the Beast, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She also feels sorry for Cinderella when her stepsisters are rude to her. She says, “They’re not best friends,” EVERY SINGLE TIME I read the part of them leaving Cinderella behind. My daughter is in love with Cinderella’s pink dress since that’s her favorite color. She also loved when the Fairy Godmother appears and transforms the two mice into horses. She gives a kick out of how the mice are turned into horses. She just laughs and laughs until the dress appears.

I’m so thrilled Cinderella stays true to the Classic after reading Beauty and the Beast from the series. As much as I love the Peek Inside a Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast, I don’t know if I could have taken another fairy tale changing come complete. I love the buildings in the book. Each of the buildings is crafted perfectly over one another and represents a village for the story. I love how Cinderella’s house looks compared to the others. It may be the poorest in the village, but stays out way more than the rest.

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