Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Beauty & the Beast Review – Usborne Books & More

Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Beauty & the Beast

By: Anna Melbourne

Age: 3+

Hardback: 14

Publisher: Usborne

ISBN: 3939474

Price: $14.99

*All About the Book*

Peek Inside a Fairy: Beauty & the Beast tells the Classic fairy tale in such a unique way. The storyline somewhat similar to the Classic. Don’t let the differences pull you away from checking the book out because it’s so adorable. The flips and peek holes help draw in it’s unique storyline. For example, Bella discovers a painting of a prince then learns he’s trapped in her bedroom’s mirror. It’s in between creepy and cute knowing he only appears in her mirror, but the idea helps add a twist and leaves question get for readers.

Kids will love the flips and peek hole because of how interesting each of them make the story. He or she will also love feeling the pages with all the little detail cutouts through the book as well. Kids will also have fun looking for the Beast because he’s hidden for the first few pages. All of those helps kids stay interested with this unique Beauty & the Beast book because it’s fun and so much to touch.

As a parent, you may or may not like the changes at first but they will grow on you. Don’t worry the changes aren’t too bonkers. The author stays true to the idea of the Classic, but adds her only twist. It’s very unique, so give it a chance before you say you don’t like it.

*My Daughter’s Reaction*

My daughter is obsessed with princess and fairly tales. I knew right alway she would love this book because Bella is one of her favorite princesses and a huge fan of both Beauty & the Beast movies. She is obsessed with the book. She loves the flips and feeling the cut outs throughout the book. She also notices the differences between Usborne’s version and the movies. She finds it fascinating how one of her favorite favorite Fairy Tale can have some many versions. Her favorite part of the book is the ending. I’m not going to talk about it, but it’s completely different than the movies. It’s so adorable. She also loves looking for and feeling bad for the Beast throughout the book.

I’m a HUGE fan of Beauty & the Beast. It’s always been my favorite, so when my daughter shown interest I embraced the love. We got the Disney version in book form after watching the movieand readied it for a million times. So when I saw Usborne’s version, I knew we needed it in our book collection. I have to admit I was disturbed on the changes of the book. But after the second time through and seeing my daughters reactions, I finally in live with it because it’s unique and holds up to the idea of the story. I believe if you give the book a chance like I did, you will love it just just like the original. Plus if you think about it, the motion picture and cartoon version aren’t the same either.

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