Wipe – Clean Beginning Pen Control Review – Usborne Books & More

Wipe – Clean Beginning Pen Control

By: Sam Smith

Age: 4+

Paperback: 22

Publisher: Usborne

ISBN: 978-0-7945-3494-3

*About the Book*

Wipe – Clean Beginning Pen Control is a great book for children to learn about the basic of penmanship, which includes a black marker. The book teaches the little ones how to draw shapes, swirls, and lines by following dots. Each page is also labeled with scenes such as on the beach, in the jungle, out in space, and under the sea. The pages are full of colors and eye-catching draws for kids. It will push him or her in while learning in a fun way.

As a parent, you will love the book because your kid(s) is learning right in-front of your eyes. You’ll be amazed by how much he or she is learning while having fun. The clean up is also simple. All you have to do is take a wet paper towel and wipe away the marker. Then, dry the page and boom your kid(s) can do the activities again!

*My Daughter’s Reaction*

My daughter loves tracing the shapes then coloring them in. She gets so excited as well when she traces the shapes perfectly. She also is starting to just work on the book by herself with me giving it to her. She loves how each page has a theme as well. Her favorite two are out in space and under the sea. My daughter, sometimes, helps me clean off the markers. The keyword here is sometimes. She’s also drawing shapes and lines on blank pages now because of her practice in her wipe-clean book.

I love the book because she learning how to draw different kinds of lines and shapes. I’m in love with her new drawing skills before of this wipe clean book. I’m truly amazed how one book can teach her so much. I noticed she didn’t even think of the book as a workbook. It’s so much more and I love it. The clean up is also the best. No more throwing workbooks out! I love that because I think it’s a waste of money to buy the paper workbooks after this now. I can’t wait to get more for her!

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3 thoughts on “Wipe – Clean Beginning Pen Control Review – Usborne Books & More

  1. What a fantastic book! I think my son would love this. He’s always trying to use my dry erase board, so this would be perfect for him. He gets to draw and, hopefully, learn, and I get my board back, haha!

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