To the Guy Who Loves a Girl With A Parent In Heaven

The relationship between a child and her parent is unlike any other. This is the person who teaches her how to love, how to handle herself when she feels entirely overwhelmed, and how to stand up for herself like no other.

And since losing them, they’ve inadvertently taught her how to survive on her own.

She has learned every important thing from this person, but now they’re gone and she’s trying to stay afloat in this world that does nothing but tries to drag her down.

Because of that, her love is unique because she has to continue to live on without her support system and #1 fan.

She loves harder and deeper than you could ever imagine because to her, love has a different meaning than most girls.

Love means having a person she can count on through the worst days and the best days. She’s going to have days where missing her parent is an understatement. It’s a fact as she’s moves towards a dark cloud of missing puzzle pieces.

She wants to tell you how she’s feeling, but her words don’t come out. The truth is she just needs to know you’re there for her. No matter what because that’s what she needs. She needs your support and love doing her darkest days. She needs your encouragement on her brightest days.

But warning, she may never truly express how she’s feeling even though you’ve been there for her when she is falling down a dark hole.

Because if you stick by her through her dark days, you get to enjoy her on her good days.

And on those days you’ll remember why you love her so much. She is the girl who makes you laugh harder than any other person.

The girl who dances her heart out no matter who’s watching just because she wants to. She’s the type of girl who steals a kiss and runs away just so you will chase her.

She realizes losing her parent made her stronger and cherishes every day as if it’s her last, and she wants to do that with you.

It’s not because she thinks she’s going to die tomorrow. Please don’t think that. The reasoning is so much more than that.

She understands life is too short and not trustworthy because you never know when your time is up.

Her parent will forever live in her heart and that’s something that will never change. When she does trust you, she’ll want to share with you all the amazing memories she has.

She shines when her mind is clear and remembers her parent would want her to be happy, instead of sad. Of course, she can’t help herself from feeling sad.

But she accepts feeling sad is okay too.

She needs you to help her through everything. She’s counting on you to love her even when it’s difficult.

It’s not going to be easy, but she longs for your love and needs it. She needs it more than any other girl.

But loving her will teach you to be stronger and more caring since you never know when you’ll have to be her rock.

Help her. Hang in there. I promise loving a girl who’s lost a parent will be beyond worth it.

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