16 Reasons Why You’re Considered a “Forgetful” Mom

Are you always forgetting things when you leave the house or food store? Girl, don’t worry I’m the same way.

I make a shopping list thinking I have everything. BUT NOPE I always forget one, two, or three things. Yeah okay, it’s more like tons of things.

I pack either the day before or a few minutes before plans. I’m like okay I have everything, right? Nope, I forgot things then I have to go back depending how important it is.

1) Wallet

You can’t even count how many times I had to go back because I left my wallet at home.

2) Wipes

You always forget to put a new one in my bag or in general.

3) Keys.

You lock myself out all the time. Either my car or house.

4) Cards.

Your child played with my wallet earlier and took everything out. Of course, the little one can’t put the cards back. That’s too much work.

5) Purse/diaper bag.

It’s in your car/house AFTER you locked the door(s) or you left it in the house/driveway and drove away. You have to turn away because your life is on there.

6) Snack/food.

Now you have to spend money if you don’t want a cranky kid(s) because you forgot everything you packed on the counter.

7) Favorite stuff animal/toy.

You swear you told your kid(s) or you thought you did grab his/hers favorite thing. Nope it’s at home. Hopefully, your kid(s) doesn’t notice or care. If s/he does, that’s a drive back if you’re not too far away. If you are, s/he has to deal with it. Beware of a tantrum.

8) Forgetting one or more things at the store.

You made a list and left thinking you brought everything. Then, you got home and unpack and notice all the things you should have brought.

9) The food list.

You took the time to make a list and forget it at home. Now, you have to remember what you need. This is why I make a list on my phone now.

10) Your grocery/shopping bags.

You get in your car and put the kid(s) in the car, then realized you what you brought by the register. Now, you have to drag your kid(s) out of the car, back in a cart (if needed), and go back in to grab your stuff.

11) Your phone.

You either walked out with and run back in or drive miles down the rode and realize you don’t have it. Phones are a must turn back item because they’re used for safely reasons, keep in contact with daddy/other, and keeping us sane.

12) Towel.

You’re on your way to the pool or beach. If luckily, you realize it BEFORE you’re too far from home, or you get there.

13) Beach/pool items.

You get all the way down to the beach and realize you have no umbrella, chairs, no food, etc. Hopefully, the beach has a boardwalk so at least you didn’t waste gas. If you’re heading to the community pool, you can at least walk/drive a short distance to get whatever you forgot.

14) Hats and gloves.

In the winter time, you forget to grab you the things that keep your kid(s) warm. It’s not like you meant to, but you did and you’re praying your kid(s) don’t get sick.

15) Take out cash.

You’re down at the beach and forgot to take out money. Now, you have to pay a $5 fee at the ATM because you didn’t stop at the bank or a store with a no fee ATM.

16) Your kid(s).

Let’s face it, sometimes you’re in hurry and forget your kid(s) inside the house, or car, or maybe even the store. No judgment. It happens to the best of us. You obviously have to go back.

It never fails. You forget one or more of these things EVERY TIME you leave the house. The list could go on and on because you forget everything.

You’re a “Forgetful” Mom.

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4 thoughts on “16 Reasons Why You’re Considered a “Forgetful” Mom

  1. So true! We’ve walked out numerous times just for me to remember something a half hour later. Oops. And the keys? Yup. We just locked ourselves out last weekend!

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