Depression Stop Us From Focusing on the Smaller Things

In a city full of distractions, we mentally forget about the smaller things in life.

Our minds tend to worry about the flashier moments or problems.

Simply just because they’re more noticeable.

It’s alright.

Unfortunately, that’s normal to forget what we should be focusing on.

We assume we can’t help it. But the truth is we can if we let ourselves escape out of a world with tons of distractions and emotions, we can achieve so much.

We can notice the little things if we’re willing to try and step away from depression.

Depression likes to cloud thoughts with confusion and misconceptions. The key is you must stop it from harming you.

We can move away from the normal and discover something new. Let yourself learn new things. You’ll be surprised what you may become good at after opening up new doors.

It’s just a matter of focusing on the things we tend to forget about or move away from them without thinking.

Free your mind.

Focus on the trees.

Listen to the sounds around you.

Count how many or the different colors sprinkles on your favorite ice cream.

Take all of that and learn to enjoy life again.

You never knows what you will find or learn about yourself with all the doors being open now.

There’s so much more to life than what’s in our norm. Take a deep and question what

Step outside of your box and do something out of the ordinary, like take a walk after work or driving without a distinction plan.

Just breath. Free yourself from all the toxicity of the bigger things in life.

And let in the sweeter tinier parts of life in for a happier soul and mind.

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6 thoughts on “Depression Stop Us From Focusing on the Smaller Things

  1. Very nicely said! Too often we ignore the mundane because of how mundane it is, but we end up missing the details and beauty that exists all around us. Unfortunately, it’s not just depression that can do this. We seem to intentionally overload our days with things we “must” do and that prevents us from just taking a breath of fresh air.

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      1. That’s probably why this world seems so crazy. We never really stop, but really should. If we want happiness, we should just stop and enjoy what we have. Or, you know, just lose our minds.

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