The Last Hour

Laying on the deathbed
Seems to be never-ending
And filled with
Random visitors throughout
The week

But now
These last few hours
On Earth

For “the ones”
To say my good-byes
And go in Peace
Was thy goal

First, the daughter and wife
Walked in knowing instantly and
Capturing the darkness moving
Slow into the air
Realizing it was time!
And said their good-byes

Second, the son
Walked in much later
Also grabbing onto
An idea of death making
It’s way through
And soon saying
Good-byes were done too.

Last and surely welcomed
Was the one final Good-bye
To someone who was
There form the start

After all the good-byes
Were done
Peace and death
Took over the sick body
And let the soul rise to heaven!

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