After You Passed Away, I Lost Myself

Every where I can go

I’m reminded of you.

I wish I could know

Or have a clue

about what it feel to have

you around helping

in me life. I have

to learn how living

without you will be

okay. I need start seeing the

positive in life and focus on me.

I need to figure out the

direction of this new life and go

towards what makes me happy without you.

It’s not going to be easy, but I need to know

I’m going to be okay without you

before moving forward. This time has flew

by. It’s crazy it’s been so long. I’m wishing

the timing of your life was different and knew

a lot more about life before your passing.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to be

easy on me. But I feel the

pain every day. And it hurts me

to life like this but I have to be positive

in order to move one and

be okay again because I deserve

to be happy with my life and

learn it’s okay to miss you

without draining myself in sorrow.

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