Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster Review – Usborne Books & More

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster Review

By: Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Age: 3 – 7

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Kane Miller

ISBN: 978-1-61067-118-7

*About the Book*

Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster is about a boy and his monster friend. The monster loves to whisper all kinds of “what ifs” in the little boy’s ears throughout the ear. The monster gets scared. He doesn’t try new foods. He stops himself from trying new things. He acts shy around others. All of the thoughts make the monster put doubt into the little boy’s head as well. Will Jonathan James stand up for himself? Or will he fall down and listen to the Whatif Monster?

Kids will enjoy the little green monster because he’s cute and very reliable. Kids are always questioning everything and wondering what if I do this. One of the most reliable parts of the book is when Whatif monster says, “What if it’s yucky? What if it’s icky? What if Mom yells because you’re too picky?” (p.10 -11). At some point, every little kid has felt this way about trying new foods. What if Monster helps them recognize things in his or her everyday life.

As parents, you will love how your kid(s) are learning about feelings. You will also love how the book teaches your kids how questioning things they’re scared of is okay. You’re always wondering what your kid(s) are thinking. Well, What If Monster is close enough understanding your child(ren) may be thinking especially if he or she might have anxiety. You will love how the book helps them understands it’s okay and others have the same thoughts.

*How My Daughter Reacts To The Book*

My daughter feels bad for the What if Monster throughout the book. She just wants him to be happy and stop questioning everything. She tells me how he just needs a hug and everything will be okay. The book also helped her open up about her how she feels sometimes. My daughter explained how sometimes she has all these feelings and thoughts but doesn’t understand them. She has never done this before we readied this book. She’s only three, so it’s incredible how one book has opened up her little mind to something so big.

I suffer from anxiety and it’s a possibility my daughter may as well. I’m in love with this book because it’s opening my daughter’s eyes up her feelings. I believe this will help her learn how to somewhat deal with anxiety if she has it. Anxiety is very overwhelming. The What If Monster explains exactly how I feel every day. I question everything all the time. I never really knew how I would explain anxiety to my daughter until now. The Whatif Monster is helping me teach her more about anxiety if she has it or not. Either way, she will be prepared for whatever ends up happening because of one children’s book. This is another reason why I love Usborne Books & More. The books are so much more than just learning books.

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