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Usborne Books & More On My Daughter’s Bookshelf

I recently reorganized my daughter’s room.I decided to put all of our current favorite Usborne Books & More Books together. I wanted to kept track for the books and she can get her hands on them. My first few book reviews will be on these books as well. No particular order.

1. Nibbles: The Book Monster

It’s a cute book about a cute little yellow monster (that’s him on top) who loves to eat book. He nibbles through classic fairy tales. You can also read a little more about him in my book review ->

2. Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

The same monster but this time he’s nibbling and causing problems with dinosaurs. You can also read more about the book in my review ->

3.Sticker Dolly Dressing Fairies 🧚🏻‍♀️

You know the old school paper dolls think of that but with stickers and a story instead. I actually potty trained my daughter with this to get her used to waiting. What a lifesaver!!!

4.Sticker Dolly Dressing Popstar It’s the same as the Singers and actresses but with princesses and another story. Another book we used on the potty.

5.My First Color by Numbers

The pages are filled with pictures my daughter has to color, looks for numbers/colors and follow directions. She also is getting better with coloring on the lines because of this book.

6. Wipe-Clean Beginning Pen Control

I’m in love with this book because my daughter isn’t in preschool so these books are helping her learn how to draw shapes and learn to follow the lines. She has so much fun making shapes and feels so proud when she did it right. The book also comes with a pen. You can also read more about the book in my review ->

7.Wipe-Clean Christmas ActivitiesThis book has tons of cute Christmas themes activities for my daughter to do. A few days ago, I give my daughter this book to do while I did dishes and she was tracing numbers. I totally forgot the beginning of the book count from 1 – 10 to help Santa deliver gifts. I was truly blown away because she did all of them perfect but 4 & 6.

8.Shine a Light: Secrets of Animal Camouflage

My daughter loves this books because she gives to interact with a flashlight by relenting the animals hiding behind different places in nature. The book has also taught her about camouflage. She’s obsessed with hiding and screaming, “Look I’m camouflaged!” My daughter is also obsessed with flashlights, so she really likes this book. You can also read more about the book in my review ->

9. All Better!

If you have a kid in your life who is deathly afraid of cutting cuts and band aids, this is the book for you. The book comes with 5 bandages for animals though the book. Every time before you put a bandage on, the book has a cute saying “Clean it, kiss it, and put a bandage on it. All Better!” My daughter interacts with the saying and shouts “All Better” at the end. Safe to say, she’s not too afraid of cutting cuts anymore!

10.Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️

My daughter is obsessed with Mermaids right now. She does this dolly sticker book just about every day.

11. Little Stickers Dolly Dressing Princess 👸🏼

She’s also obsessed with princess too. So, this is another just about every day activity.

12. Jonathan James and the What If Monster

This book is a great way to introduce anxiety to a little kid. The monster makes the little boy question everything as if he has anxiety. My daughter feels so bad for the monster and boy all throughout the book. I also think she may have anxiety but it’s too soon to tell for sure. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce it in a book now just in case. You can also read more about the book in my review ->

13.Muddle and Match Jungle Animals

My daughter loves mixing up the animals and stories in this book. We spend hours laughing and getting a kick out of the way animals look. The book is hilarious when you mix to the storyline. We also used this book on the potty during training.

14.Muddle and Match ImagineThis is our newest book Muddle and Match book. She’s obsessed because of the mermaid and princess in the book.

15.That’s Not My UnicornMy daughter is obsessed with unicorns as well, so this book was a must have. The book helps her interact with the book by touching the “nots” and want the unicorn has. We read this book so much that she knows the words and reads it to her stuff animals. This book is great for babies and toddlers, btw.

2 thoughts on “Usborne Books & More On My Daughter’s Bookshelf

  1. #6 sounds wonderful for a small child. I’ve been struggling to get my son to follow lines, but he loves dry erase anything, so it sounds perfect! I’m going to look into it. Thanks!


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