Why Demi Lovato’s Documentary ‘Simply Complicated’ Changed the Way I Look at Life

Since day one, Demi has been a warrior of change through her music and now her official documentary “Simply Complicated” brings it to a whole new level. It proves she’s so much more than just a pretty face or a singer behind the lyrics of our favorite songs. She is a person with real-life problems, family issues, drug problems, breakups, and mental illness and has no shame in opening up about it. 

The thing is, Demi doesn’t owe us anything. She could’ve overcome her daily battles and continued on with her career and kept silent (much like other celebs we know). But instead, she decided to open up about it to her fans, which is a huge tell about her true character. Clearly, she cares more about creating an awareness and getting her message out there, than damaging her own reputation.

Did you know the production workers had a hard time working with her because of her anger issues and drug problems? Once she even became so violent that she punched a girl in the face for outing her drug abuse.

Did you know that she was promoting being clean while high as a kite? While she was a judge on American Idol she was living in a sober house with roommates and no cell phone.

She even used to manipulate everyone around her into getting her way or to tell her things.

All of these things could’ve potentially ruined her career, it would have tarnished her image and stopped people from idolizing her. But it was the way she went about changing herself and talking about it that deflected all the negativity. 

Demi’s goal wasn’t to promote herself or her brand, it was simply to make sure no one feels alone in their battles. It’s hard to picture someone hurting so deeply inside when they’re constantly surrounded by people who care about her, but clearly, it happens and we had no idea. It makes me take a step back and look at the people around me.

Every single soul is fighting their own battles each day and behind so many of those smiles are broken hearts that are suffering from one thing or another. If even the most talented, seemingly perfect person can face all of those problems, then literally anyone can.

But the difference about Demi is the way in which she spoke out. She asked for help and then made moves to help others. With a heart of gold and an endless ambition to help, she changed the way so many of us view life just through her brutally honest documentary.

Without even realizing it, Demi taught me how to be straight up about who I am and every dark day I have. She’s inspired me to not conceal my anxiety, but tell my loved ones I’m struggling and need their support. I’m no longer afraid of the answer I will get, I’m just proud of myself for finding the courage inside to speak up. That’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

Because of her, I know I’m not the only one walking around who’s not in a good mood 24/7 and whose smile isn’t always genuine. She not only changed the way I look at other people, but she taught me how to not allow myself to judge anyone before truly and completely getting to know them. I’m learning to be more patient and understanding to the people who I usually wouldn’t because they’re fighting their own battles, too. 

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