Wishing Heaven Had a Better Connection

In 2009, I lost my dad. Then, I lost my mom in 2014. As the days go by, I wish I could call or FaceTime heaven to tell them what’s happening in my life. I know they are my Angels. I can feel them around me all the time. It’s not the same. I desire a better way for contacting my parents.

I want to hear my mom’s voice.

I yearn for hear my mom’s voice when something exciting happens in my life. I miss hearing her voice when I’m sad. I long for hear her voice when life defeats me. I wish for her to call my phone when I need someone to lean on.

I want to hear my dad’s voice.

I wish for my dad’s voice when I need cheering on. I long for hear his voice when I need pep talk. I miss hearing his voice telling me to stop overthinking every single thing in my life. I yearn for hear his voice saying “Good Morning, Princess.”

I want to FaceTime my mom.

I would like to FaceTime my mom when I miss her smile. I wish I could Facebook my mom to see her eyes blink. I crave to see her face when I’m feeling down. I long for seeing her words match up with her voice.

I want to Facetime my dad.

I long for my dad to even know what FaceTime was because he passed before it existed. I crave to hear his laugh when I would have shown him how FaceTime works. I wish could see his smile when he figured out how without me. I would like to FaceTime my dad when I need a good laugh.

I want to text my mom.

I wish I could text my mom when my daughter says a funny sentence. I long for texting my mom about writing opportunties. I miss sending my mom, “Good Morning,” every day. I yearn for to see her name pop up on my phone.

I want to text my dad.

I yearn for teach my dad the value of texting. I miss watching him use a phone keyboard, looking puzzled. I long for to see ‘dad’ show up on my screen. I wish he could have the chance to learn how easy and fast texting is.

Let’s face it. Heaven does not have a phone to call, text, or FaceTime. As much as I wish heaven did, I know a phone is not the way to connect to my parents anymore.

I am starting learn and discover better ways to keep in connection with the afterlife. For example, I call out to my mom or dad when I feel like I need their guidance. Calling out is not going to give me a verbal response like a phone would, but instead I get physical signs or blind signs my parents are around. Physical signs can range from a lost item randomly popping up to helping me get home when I am driving close to “E.” Blind signs can range from figuring out a problem instantly to reminding a memory similar as a current situation. The key is to look for signs instead of worrying about what I cannot have in the end.

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