Nibbles: The Book Monster Review – Usborne Books & More

Nibble: The Book Monster

By Emma Yarlett

Age: 6+ ( my 3 year old loves it though)

Hardback: 16 pages

Publisher: Kane Miller

ISBN: 9781610674676

*About the Book*

Meet Nibbles. He’s a crazy little yellow haired monster who loves nibbling on sock, toes, hooks, soap, and rubber ducks but his favorite thing to chew on are books. He can’t get enough of nibbling on pages. The little monster also loves causing trouble throughout his story. In the book, he bites his way into three classic fairly tales (Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack & the Beanstalk) as he messes up the narrative by twisting the plots.

The book introduces a parent’s favorite classics within mini little books. It’s such an unique way to tell a story. The artwork works perfectly with Nibbles’ lunatic behavior.

Nibbles will grab a child’s heart instantly because he’s s cute, crazy little monster who is very relatable. The little monster helps the child stay entertained and engaged by looking for his footprints and where he nibbled next. Nibbles will keep the kid laughing as he causes trouble. Usborne has a little plush toy sold separately, which makes the book even more enjoyable. The child can interact with the story by having the stuff Nibbles eat the pages as you read. It’s a kind of book a child will want to hear over and over because he or she can’t get enough of the storyline and of course the little monster himself. So warning, this book will be on repeat.

*How My Daughter Reacts To The Book*

My 3 year old is in love with the book and plush toy. She loves how cute and silly Nibbles is through the book. Her favorite thing to do while I read Nibbles is to follow his footprints leading straight for the next hole Nibbles made and leaped onto the fellow page.

My daughter also loves opening up the flaps in the book. She gets a kick out of what’s under each and every flap. It’s a game of where’s Nibbles now. She enjoys making her stuff Nibbles eat the pages after finding the next hole. Sometimes looks at him and says, “Oh Nibbles, why did you bite the page?” I normally make him say, “Because I was hungry.” She will crack up and make him eat the page. She just has so much fun with every page. She

It’s truly inspiring and incredible how she interacts with the book. The book may be labeled for 6 and up, but my daughter interacts with it so well. I was a little hesitant on getting the book for her because of the age limit, but that’s just a label. The age doesn’t seem to matter because of how lovable and funny Nibbles is through the book. That’s what I love about Usborne Books & Kane Miller books. Age is only a requirement for the site.

Do you want to know more about Nibbles or Usborne Books & More? Join my group, Kimi’s UBAM Bookshelf.

My next book review will be next Tuesday on Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide!!!

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