How To Survive Easter When You’re Parentless

Easter is here. You’re probably hating every hour, minute, and second of the preparations and celebrations. Every inch of your body is aching and holding back from having an anxiety attack in front of the people around you. You just want to scream because all of the mothers and fathers are making you feel uncomfortable. You know, no one is trying to make you feel like this, but you can’t help it. All you want is your parents on Easter. The Easter Bunny can’t bring your parents in a basket.

Don’t let yourself down and think you can’t survive because you can! Easter is going to be nowhere even close to easy. You can make the day bearable by following this survival list and handling one more holiday without your parents.

Make plans with family or friends.

Staying home alone on Easter or any holiday for that matter is just a bad idea. All you’re going to do is sit there and think about all the things you don’t have. That’s no way to spend Easter, so call up family members or even friends and see if you can join them. It doesn’t matter wherever it’s your significant other’s family or your own. It’s just important not to be alone.

Take some time for yourself.

Yes, not being alone is important on Easter but so is taking time away from others. Let’s face it spending too much time with other moms and dads maybdrain your mental stability. After a while, it’s going mess with your head and make you depressed. Me time doesn’t have to be long or right way. Just make sure you get it. No matter if it’s before, during, or afterward make sure you let yourself know alone time will happen. I recommend having this time afterward, so you can cool down any emotions before going to bed. You don’t want to go to bed feeling anxious because then your mind will wander and not let you sleep.

Carry on with your parents’ Easter Traditions.

Traditions are the best way to help your parents live onward during the holidays such as Easter. Think of the things you loved doing with them. Try to remember your finest memories of Easter. If your parents passed away too early on in your life, then make sure to ask family members for traditions to help get through the holiday. By doing this, you will be able to relax because having your parents’ traditions can help ease the pain of them missing. Look, it’s obviously not going to be the same thing but it’s better than nothing and that’s all you have right now to survive.

Make yourself an Easter basket.

Buy all the things you would have asked for or would have gotten from your parents and put it all together for yourself. Would they fill it up with candies? Would they have mixed things up with candies and other gifts? Would they not give you candies at all? Whatever the kind of basket you make, remind to reflect on what reminds you of your parents. It’s important to reflect on a “what my parents would have gotten me” basket, so your mind reminds them in a good way rather than the bad all the time.

Plan an Easter egg hunt with family or friends.

Come on, you know you want to take one moment away from feeling sorry for yourself. Why not have some fun? The fun never hurts. It’s good for your grieving soul. A egg hunt is always the best kind of fun you can have on Easter. Age really doesn’t matter because the joy of finding the eggs and then the mystery inside warms the heart. You can have fun running around or even helping a little one find eggs. A little kid’s smile washes away any unpleasant feelings because they have no care in the world and just light up when the egg is right in front of his or her face. An Easter egg hunt is just fun all around and a must do.

Take the time to remember past Easters with your parents.

You may not want to take the time and remember past Easters because it hurts you way too much. You must remember though because without this step you’re not going to be able to complete number 3. Stop blocking out your memories because it’s necessary to reminisce what they have done on Easter. You can’t survive without letting yourself know what’s going on. It’s up to you to make the best of Easter. You can’t do that if you let your broken heart control your emotions. You need to break free from the spell your heart has over you and just remember!

Cook your favorite Easter dish.

Holidays are all about the food. Every holiday brings different kinds of dishes. Easter isn’t any different. Take the time to look in your mom’s cookbooks and find your favorite dish. If you don’t have copies of her cookbooks, then hopefully you remember the name of your favorite dish. You can either Google “Easter dishes traditional” or search on Pinterest for your favorite. Maybe a picture can recall the dish.

Add your favorite Easter dessert.

You seriously can’t forget about the dessert like hot cross buns, carrot cake, upside down cake, etc. Dessert is legitimately the best parts of Easter because everything is so colorful and sweet. You can’t forget these treats. I’m more than positive you remember this if anything. If not, go look up this one on Pinterest or Google.

You MUST dye eggs.

Easter isn’t Easter until you dye eggs. I didn’t care how miserable you are about not having your parents. You need to color eggs. No ifs, and, buts. Make time to lose yourself in the smell of vinegar (if you use it) and the smell of the dye. You can ever majestic one special for your parents. It’s obviously not the same, but can help you feel remember them.

Look around realize what you have version what you don’t have and make a list of what you do have on Easter.

Live is beyond hard without your parents. It’s so easy to think about all the things we don’t have during the holidays especially because it’s all about family. Look I get it, but you need to keep your head up. A list of all the things you do have will help you see with your own eyes how great your life still is even without your parents.

Don’t be afraid to even write a list of what you don’t have on Easter.

The negative is just as important to see with your own eyes. Hopefully, anxiety doesn’t

eat you alive and give you in a bad state of mind. If anxiety does creep in, don’t push yourself into thinking about what you don’t have them.

That’s the end. The survivor guide may look like a normal Easter to do this, but it’s a reminder of how things haven’t changed. I hope everything has a fantastic Easter!

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