Anxiety Is The Friend You Wish Would Stop Inviting Herself Over

You know that one friend who’s always changing moods and not knowing which today will bring.

Anxiety is that friend. It’s never on the same page as you. It will always mess with your head.

Anxiety is the “Debbie Downer” the friend you wish you just loosen up. Some days, it shows up happy and wants to have fun. Another day, it’s in the worst mood and pulls you down too.

You wish anxiety would be consistent with moods, but it’s not and you hate it.

All you want is to know what to expect when anxiety comes around.You don’t know what it’s going to say about you or how it’s going to make you feel. So you wake up in the morning hoping anxiety brings a happiness rather than anxious.

You hope it doesn’t drag you into a dark cloud of depression or worries.

You hope it doesn’t drag you into a dark cloud of depression or worries.

You hope it doesn’t make you overthink everything.

You wish for it to stop telling you lies. You want it to listen to you for once. You need it to stop bring you down, but the truth is a part of you would feel weird without anxiety in your life. You would be lost and not feel like yourself and a part of you.

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