Toy R Us Will Always Have A Special Place in My Heart

I still can’t believe Toy R Us/Babies R Us are closing. It truly breaks my heart. I have so many memories of going shopping here throughout my life.

My favorite memories at Toy R Us are as a child. I just remember going in Toy R Us and feeling like I was in the great place in the world. The store had everything my little heart desired. Not only could you buy toy there, but you could also play at the store with toy in select areas. I remember staying there for hours because of how much fun I had during my visit. My parents didn’t even always buy me something. The joy just came from the land of toys.

I always enjoy going to Babies R Us with my mom for baby showers and soon for my daughter. The store had all the cutest things for babies. It also had everything babies need and things you never thought a baby would need.

My favorite memory at Babies R Us is when my mom and I picked out my daughter’s Pooh Bear. I have always loved Pooh Bear as a kid. I wanted to share something I love with my daughter as well. So my mom brought her a Pooh Bear is her own. It means the world to her. I’m so happy she has a piece of my mom with her every day, even if my mom can’t be with her.

As a Toy R Us and Babies R Us shopping, I made sure my daughter knew the experience every kid does when they watch it. I saw myself in her the first time we entered a Toy R Us. I love how as a parent I could finally pass on the joy to my own daughter. I’m truly sad she can’t do the same.

During our last visit to our local Babies R Us, we found a Little Mermaid doll for $11. I don’t know who was more excited my daughter or me. She has been asking for the doll for about a month now, but I kept saying no because I refused to pay $25.99 for it at Walmart.

For Christmas, she got the mermaid from her favorite Barbies movie, Barbies Magic Dolphin, on Netflix. Now, she has a mermaid friend. They already do everything together!

I’m so glad we found Ariel, but so sad about Toys R Us closing. I will always cherish my memories though.

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