60 Kids Shows That Annoy The Heck Out Of Parents

I swear the writers of Nick Jr, Nickeldeon, Disney Jr, Disney, and Sprout make shows annoying on purpose. It’s like they want kids to crazy their parents insane.

But the sad reality is we can’t escape annoyance even when the tv is off because of smartphones and tablets. The internet brings Kid YouTube and Netflix. And we wish every day, the internet loved us more.

  1. Paw Patrol
  2. Peppa Pig
  3. Cailou
  4. Jesse
  5. Bunked
  6. The Wiggles
  7. Team Umizoomi
  8. Dinotrux
  9. The Hive
  10. Pocoyo
  11. Animal Mechanicals
  12. Minions
  13. Curious George
  14. Larva
  15. Little Einsteins
  16. Car Patrol
  17. Max & Ruby
  18. Billy and Bam Bam
  19. Teletubbies
  20. Dino Dan
  21. Chirp
  22. Dora
  23. Go Diego Go
  24. Elmo’s World
  25. Ultra B
  26. Julius Jr
  27. Masha and the Bear
  28. Yo Gabba Gabba
  29. Shimmer & Shine
  30. Bubble Guppies
  31. Puppy Dog Pals
  32. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  33. Pj Mask
  34. Chuggington
  35. Trolls
  36. Moana
  37. Pingu
  38. Splash & Bubbles
  39. Gummy Bear
  40. Breadwinner
  41. Thomas & Friends
  42. SpongeBob
  43. The Loud House
  44. Storybots
  45. Ryan’s Toy Review
  46. Victoria & Annabelle
  47. Charlie & The Numbers
  48. Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
  49. Annoying Orange
  50. The Clangers
  51. Rusty Rivets
  52. Croods
  53. The Axel
  54. Tayo the Little Bus
  55. Draco
  56. Horrid Henry
  57. The Jungle Bunch
  58. Uncle Grandpa
  59. The Cat in the Hat
  60. Mother Goose Club

At night, the songs and shows haunt our dreams. Just when we thought we could escape, we actually can’t because of the catchiness our kids love a little too much.

Hang in there! We can all strong enough to overcome this torture.

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