To The Girl Who Has a Hard Time Feeling His Love Because Of Her Hateful Doubts

Love is such a wonderful feeling. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Everyone wants to know what being in love feels like every day.

Let’s say; you found the one you want to love and feel loved by. You love him so much. You love him so much that your heart aches.

He loves you just as much. He loves everything about you. He accepts you for who you are. He loves you despite what happens, or what you have been through in the past.

You’re so grateful to have such a wonderful guy like him in your life. No one has loved you this much before. No one accepted your perfections and flaws like him.

Your mind definitely loves this about him. But your doubts and insecurities push you down a dark road of questioning his love.

You think how can he love me after everything I put him through. You think how can anyone love me someone who makes a mistake after mistake.

Or even, why would anyone love me. Or maybe, how can he continue to love someone like me when I can’t even love myself.

Look, no one is perfect. Regardless of what social media wants us to think. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws.

He loves you. It’s that simple.

He knows you’re not perfect. He knows your past and experiences. He knows your flaws. He knows you make mistakes, some little and some huge.

But he still loves you. He wants to be with you.

It’s difficult wrapping your head around his love. But just know this is what love is.

Love is accepting someone for who they are. Love is staying by someone’s side when the world is crashing down. Love is working through the hard times.

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