13 Lovable Traits That Prove the Anxious Girl’s Worth Your Time And Love

Anxiety isn’t all bad, it can bring out unique qualities that make anxious girls the best at showing they love you truly and completely.

1) She’s constantly worrying about you.

2) So every time you see her, she’ll be thrilled.

3) And you’ll get plenty of affection.

4) She overthinks everything and always wants to prove how much she cares.

5) So you can count on her to go all out when planning anniversaries and dates.

6) Life never gets boring with her, she’ll keep you busy.

7) She focuses on your needs first during sex.

8) In fact, she puts you before herself most of the time.

9) She’ll need you to lift her up on her bad days, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling unnecessary.

10) All it takes are some cuddles, kisses, and hugs to get her out of her funks.

12) And she’s seriously the best cuddle buddy.

12) She goes out of her way to make sure you’re feeling supported and taken care of.

13) Because, more than anything, she just wants you to be happy.

She may need a boost on her worst days, but when you see these qualities you’ll be sure she’s the most lovable girl you’ve ever meant and the one you want to keep.

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