From One Socially Awkward Mom To Another

I see you looking at me from across the playground. You’re wondering the same thing as me, should we say hi to each other? Our children are playing together.

Should we break the awkwardness and talk? Smiling and making eye contact seems to be working just fine. Why break it, right?

Our children are laughing and playing so well together. Sigh, they’re forcing us to talk. I mean. We don’t technically have to talk, right?

I’m okay with our silent conversations. You’re acting like you are too. If our kids keep playing, we will have to talk because they’re kids and sharing is not always caring.

I guess we’ll wait for that moment. So far so good, no fighting or communication is happening. Maybe our kids are better at being social then we are.

You know what, that’s okay. They need to learn to be somewhat sociable in life. One day, they will be in our position. Hopefully, they will continue to be better.

Oh look, what did I just say, they’re fighting now? We have to see what’s wrong. I’ll meet you there. We break the awkward tension by exchanging a sorry.

Now, we’re awkwardly standing next to each other. Should we talk now? Sure, why not. I mean we are next to each other now.

Here it goes.

We share our children’s names and how old they are. That’s a start. Will it go any further? That’s up to us.

I don’t know about you. But I tend to start awkwardly just talking about anything under the sun. I don’t mean to. But sometimes word vomit gets the best of me.

You will either be the same way or give me one-word answers. I’m okay with either. Because I know what being socially awkward feels like.

It’s okay to be socially awkward moms. So, whatever, we talk or don’t talk. We will always understand each other, while our kids play.

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